Pure Flavor® Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers

Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are a healthy snack option available in a beautiful array of colours. A favorite among children and parents alike.

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Fill your lunch box with these vibrant and flavorful peppers, made for snacking at recess, during lunch breaks, or whenever you’re on the go. Grown from the amazing Tribelli seed, 2019 Winner of the International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Award, Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are, simply, the perfect popping pepper.

Pure Flavor®️ is a family of greenhouse vegetable growers who share a commitment to bringing A Life of Pure Flavor™️ to communities everywhere. Our passion for sustainable greenhouse growing, strong support for our retail & foodservice customers, and focus on engaging consumers is built on a foundation drawn from generations of growing expertise.

Growing Fresh Flavors

We search the world testing hundreds of vegetable varieties to bring you the perfect flavors for every taste, preference and recipe.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We use good bugs like Ladybugs to take care of the bad bugs in our greenhouses. This method eliminates spraying so you can enjoy produce the way it should be, all natural!

Sustainable Growing Practices

High-tech greenhouse climate control systems carefully regulate energy consumption to ensure plants are thriving in an optimal environment without energy waste.

Closed Loop Irrigation System

This system avoids waste by capturing any water the plant does not consume and reusing it to replace what is lost from evaporation.

Recycled Growing Medium

Our plants are grown in coconut fibre and other recycled mediums. Selecting the right growing medium is critical to overall plant health and strength but also to sustainability.

Packing Automation

Our investment in packing automation allows us to efficiently supply millions of Tomatoes and Cucumbers to the southeast year-round!

Supplemental Lighting

With the use of supplemental lighting we can grow year-round by providing the plants with the optimal amount of light.

Misting System

We maintain favorable and consistent growing conditions through misting systems that keep humidity levels above 30% to encourage continuous plant growth.

Energy Screens

Regulating sunlight entering the greenhouse and insulating with energy screens allows us to maintain a stable climate in the greenhouse.

Health Benefits of
Mini Sweet Peppers

All types of peppers are full of important vitamins and nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle.


The pigment that gives Aurora Bites their vibrant color also may play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease.


Helps to protect against infections by keeping your immune system healthy.


Helps to improve the production of brain chemicals to boost your mood.

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