Live Deliciously® Spring 2022

Put a little spring in your step with some ideas on how to #snackhealthy with new fresh and delicious recipes for you and your family, tips to add in movement and Spring clean your routine.

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Spring 2022

Put a little spring in your step with some ideas on how to #snackhealthy with new fresh and delicious recipes for you and your family, tips to add in movement and Spring clean your routine, plus a look at one of our Adopt-a-School partners and more!

With Earth Day approaching we are reminded how important sustainability is to the health of our planet.

Read NowCelebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Growing

Get inspired with simple tips and easy recipes to help update your snack choices.

Read NowIt’s Time to #SnackHealthy

In addition to decluttering & freshening up your space, Spring is time to give new life to old routines!

Read NowSpring Clean your Routine!

Season of Snacking:  

Taste the Full Flavor in Snack Size Veg!

In addition to being environmentally friendly and sustainable, one of the many advantages of greenhouse growing is having year-round access to fresh, delicious vegetables to help you and your family Live Deliciously®. For on-the-go snacks that you can eat by the handful, we know you will love our crisp, crunchy snacking vegetables.

A New Generation of Snacking Has Arrived! Hydrate by the handful with the one-bite snack that’s so small and flavorful it’s out of this world!

The blast of fruity sweetness in every award-winning Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomato will leave everyone smiling and asking for more!

From lunchbox to the dinner plate, these Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are the Super Sweet Snacking Pepper that Kids Crave and Parents Love.

Flavor Up
Your Appetizers

Appetizers can be a colorful and delicious way to set the stage for the feast that is coming, or they can be served as finger foods during a gathering where a meal isn’t being served. Whatever the occasion, you should select appetizers for their color, flavor, texture, and how well they complement each other. Like a trailer for an upcoming movie, appetizers create a buzz for good things to come.

Continue ReadingFlavor Up your Appetizers

Take Dessert Outside the Box

As much as everyone has their favorite tried-and-true dessert, our friend Caeli-Rose from @happierinthekitchen has shared with us this unique recipe for Cucumber Lime Cheesecake Bars that will have you creating something outside the box that the whole family will love! Take it to your next pot-luck and WOW everyone with this unique and delicious combination.


New Flavors
with Smoothie Bowls

There have been many recipe trends making their rounds the last little while, but one of the most delicious is smoothie bowls. If you haven’t heard of a smoothie bowl, they’re like a classic smoothie, but with two noticeable differences. First, they have a thicker consistency and second, you can load on the toppings to customize to your liking!

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For Easter Brunch

Explore some of our favorite and flavorful breakfast and brunch recipes that are perfect for Easter celebrations. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family at home or looking for something fresh and tasty to bring to the next potluck, these healthy recipes will hit the spot!

Fresh and Delicious
SpringTime Meals

Fuel your day with a line-up of healthy meals that are packed full of fresh vegetables and great flavors! From bowls and salads to dinners and more, our greenhouse grown vegetables can help you Live Deliciously® all year long.


Lisa Varacalli, Vice-Principal at St. Louis Elementary School in Leamington, Ontario, shares her experience with Pure Flavor®’s Adopt-a-School program, which helps fuel young minds by feeding students healthy Mini Munchies® veggie snack packs on a regular basis.

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