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We absolutely love anything fresh! Since salads are great for get-togethers, cookouts, & adventures, we put together some healthy & VERY tasty ideas that will pair with any occasion.

Pure Flavor®‘s ‘Summer of Salads’ campaign features themed recipes, entertaining ideas, and inspirational stories to go beyond the greens and fuel healthy lives!

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You can definitely win friends with salads – especially when they are full of flavor. These delicious salads go beyond the typical greens and are loaded with healthy carbs and loads of veggies! They make for a great addition to your next BBQ or get together.

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The Pure Flavor®Summer of Salads had something for everyone! Browse all of the recipes from our salad themes and experiment with new flavor combinations.

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Every protein needs a partner. Pairing your favorite grilled meats with fresh vegetables is the best way to take your flavor game up a notch.


There are many different tomato varieties that come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. In our acres upon acres of greenhouses, we’re growing tomatoes for you to share with your family, mix in your salad, enjoy for dinner or provide your kids with a healthy snack.


Greenhouse grown Peppers of all varieties always offer consistent quality and fresh flavor for every occasion. As a healthy on-the-go snack, diced in a salad or cooked in a warm, savory dish, the natural sweetness of these different pepper varieties can brighten your day.


There’s a different cucumber for every snack, salad, appetizer and dish. Cucumber varieties come in convenient sizes for your whole family to enjoy on the go or at the dinner table. Each is grown in high-tech, sustainable greenhouses, ensuring consistent quality in every season.

Summer Salad Stories
Fresh Salads The Whole Family Will Love!

Get the whole family to love veggies as much you do with these fresh family meal hacks!

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Perfectly Portable
Salad Ideas

Create perfectly portable salads that are ready to go with you on any task or adventure! Convenient, colorful, and flavorful salads layered into mason jars that can be enjoyed just about anywhere.

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Each week we featured the best delicious salads everyone will love.


We know that it can sometimes be challenging to find recipes that fit for various eating lifestyles, time constraints, or dietary preferences. Click on any of the icons below to browse our Summer of Salads recipes sorted by Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, & Under 15 Min to make meal planning even easier.