Have you always dreamed of exploring the world? We know it’s not always possible to pick up and travel to new places when you’re feeling a little adventurous. But it is easy to experience the flavors of other countries, without having to leave home! Food can often be the best way to get to know different cultures. Whether you want a taste of adventure or want to expand your family’s horizons, try one of these salads that feature flavors from around the world! They can be easily made at home with ingredients you likely already have in the pantry. While some of these recipes may be out of your comfort zone, they all have one thing in common; fresh greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables.

Food can give you a glimpse of places you are dreaming about visiting, or it can transport you right back to a vacation that you loved. It can teach you about cultural traditions and history with every bite. Are you feeling a bit of wanderlust? Do you want to expose your children to new flavors or try new things for date night? Experiencing everything a country has to offer can easily start in the kitchen. Salads are one of the simplest meals to make that incorporate the tastes of different countries from all around the world! You can #flavorUP with Middle Eastern, Greek, or Mexican salad recipes the next time you want a little adventure in your life. While the tastes might differ throughout cultures, one thing remains the same, they all can be made with the fresh greenhouse grown vegetables that you and your family love!

Middle Eastern Style Salads –

While the Middle East is known for its rich history, religion, and culture, the food is just as notable. Their dishes are known for using fresh herbs, olives, chickpeas, grains, and spices. We’re sure you’ve heard of Tabbouli, a traditionally popular Lebanese salad. But have you heard of Saffeh Salad? It is very similar to Tabbouli in terms of ingredients, but adds more protein to the dish with chickpeas and bulgur. The best part is how easy it is to make at home. It’s full of fresh vegetables and is completely plant-based! It embraces all the most popular Middle Eastern ingredients like chopped parsley, tomatoes, green onions, bulgur, olive oil, and mint. Our friend, Jenan sent us a Lebanese Organic Saffeh Salad recipe, using ingredients like Organic Tomatoes On-the-Vine and Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, and broke down each step for you to make it yourself! It’s a different take on a Lebanese classic that will leave you appreciating all that the Middle East has to offer.

Mediterranean Inspired Salads –

Mediterranean diets are highly endorsed by many health officials, so chances are you’ve heard of them. They are based on the traditional foods eaten by people living in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. These countries include France, Greece, Italy, and Spain – all places that are surely on your bucket list to visit! Have you always dreamed of a trip abroad, eating amazing food by the ocean, and feeling refreshed? Get a taste of these countries by trying salads inspired by their lifestyles. These dishes focus on eating whole foods and grains, paired with fresh greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables. By including fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal and snack, these Mediterranean treats will easily leave you feeling your best, and as if you were in Greece yourself! If you want to experience your meals the true Mediterranean way, they are best enjoyed surrounded by people, and eaten outdoors! Next time you’re entertaining, try this Mediterranean Tomato Feta Salad using Chocolate Rose Beefsteak Tomatoes. It is perfect as a main dish or paired with this Mediterranean Sea Bass Recipe!

Mexican Inspired Salads –

There are so many different reasons to want to visit Mexico. Their vibrant culture, music, and history are just a few. Experiencing authentic Mexican food may be the driving factor because it is so fresh and full of flavor. This Mexican Street Salad from @mamaofwholelittles will transport you right to the lively streets of Mexico! It is the salad version of the well-known Mexican Street corn, a Mexican cuisine staple!

This salad has the perfect balance of fresh greenhouse grown vegetables, and colorful ingredients like Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, corn, red onions, cilantro, mayonnaise, and spices. Have this salad on its own or add it to tacos for an extra burst of flavor! Wherever you eat this dish, you’ll be thinking you’re on a beach in Mexico.

Go On A Food Adventure –

There is a world of flavors to be experienced right inside your own kitchen! Don’t be caught up daydreaming of your next trip – go on a food adventure right now with the people you love!  Whether you want to try a new salad like this Asian Fusion Melon Salad using Solara™ Mini Melons next time you are entertaining or want to expand your kids taste buds, there are plenty of new flavors to bring to the table. Expanding your knowledge about different cultures can go beyond the kitchen too! If you’re looking to learn more, try visiting your local library for books on different countries, learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in a new language, or watch cooking videos online. Experiencing new flavors with fresh inspiration from around the world can happen any time when you ensure they are filled with greenhouse grown vegetables. From Asian, Italian, Indian, and more, there are plenty of fresh salad recipe ideas here for you to try! Explore new ideas the next time you’re feeling like trying something new in the kitchen or having a little bit of wanderlust and looking for your next adventure.

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