Leamington, ON. – As the foodservice industry seeks new opportunities to satisfy consumers’ cravings during the post-pandemic rebound, Pure Flavor® continues to prove there is an appetite for innovation on menus and in the greenhouse.

With the impacts of inflation and higher interest rates being felt across North America, there is a pressing need for reliable, year-round availability of flavorful ingredients that can bring predictability to a tumultuous market. Pure Flavor®, a key provider of greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables, has stepped up as a dependable partner with a robust supply chain and a reputation for delivering consistent quality year-round. Advanced growing technology and automation allows the brand to deliver a steady supply of fresh produce, but consistency is only part of why Pure Flavor® stands out.

Pure Flavor® cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes, including snack-sized options, have become staples in menus across North America. For providers who want to make their menus stand out, Pure Flavor® offers gourmet culinary items like award-winning Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, Solara® Mini Melons, and the Craft House Collection®. With its wide assortment of unique, culinary products, the brand demonstrates a profound dedication to innovation that ensures it is always ahead of flavor trends.

“We are consistently innovating for new products that will speak to our food service partners in both appearance and flavor profile,” says Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice President. “This will allow chefs and food service partners to shake up their menu while also being able to count on the product flavor, quality and availability. We want Pure Flavor® to help lead the charge to innovate products and flavor profiles that will give customers a better eating experience.” Mastronardi notes that a significant area of growth in the last two years has been in the quick-service restaurant industry, which highly values the reliability and consistency of greenhouse grown produce. In the QSR segment, there is a trend towards enhancing customer experience with creative and delicious menu options ー a specialty of Pure Flavor®.

The successful research and development program at Pure Flavor® places consumers at its very core. Each product is cultivated to satisfy specific consumer cravings, a thoughtful approach that ensures the program remains focused on delivering exceptional quality and meeting the unique needs of each customer.

For an example of their dedication to consumer preferences, you need only look to the success of the Craft House Collection®, a selection of premium cooking ingredients inspired by chefs. The collection features flavorful ingredients like Aurora Long Sweet Peppers, Mini San Marzano Tomatoes, and Baby Eggplants that can enhance any menu with very little preparation required. It’s been a hit with foodie consumers and professional chefs alike ー a testament to Pure Flavor’s® ability to introduce products that satisfy cravings at home and in restaurants.

To help restaurants of all sizes innovate their menus with fresh products, chefs are given the ultimate flexibility to experiment with new items like greenhouse grown melons, berries, and lettuce. With access to product trials and small, conveniently sized portions that reduce waste, chefs can easily craft fresh and flavorful dishes that customers love. These personalized foodservice solutions have differentiated a brand that continues to satisfy an entire industry hungry for innovation.

To learn more about Pure Flavor® and its commitment to innovation in foodservice, visit booth 713 at the Foodservice Conference in Monterey, CA July 28th or check out: https://www.pure-flavor.com/ifpa-foodservice-2023/.