Leamington, ON. – A new school year is here and with it comes the excitement of learning new things, making new friends, and having fun. As parents know all too well, it also means it won’t be too long until someone brings home a cold or the flu. Pure Flavor®, a leading greenhouse produce brand, is helping families prepare for back-to-school with a lineup of convenient, immunity-boosting snacking veggies.

The first few weeks of school are crucial in establishing healthy habits that can protect young children throughout the year. School lunches should be fun, flavorful, and loaded with fresh healthy veggies, but with the hectic schedules that come with the back-to-school rush, parents can often find it a challenge to pack satisfying lunches. That’s why Pure Flavor® offers an impressive variety of bite-sized snacking veggies in convenient packages ideal for the back-to-school season.

Mini Munchies® Veggie Snack Packs make it easy for parents to ensure their kids get a daily dose of vitamins and minerals while giving them a sweet treat they crave. They come in resealable 4oz grab-and-go packs with the right portion of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers to satisfy school-aged appetites. The Mini Munchies® program also has a breakaway 12 oz Tomato pack of snacking tomatoes that can be easily thrown in a backpack before heading out the door. Snack +® packs are another great option for older kids or student-athletes who need more energy and protein after sports or during study sessions.

Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales at Pure Flavor®, said that retailers are looking for ways to support their customers whose already busy schedules are ramping up even more with the back-to-school season underway. “Convenience is a key factor for busy parents who want to pack healthy lunches for their kids but don’t want to compromise on quality, flavor, or nutrition. Greenhouse grown snacking veggies, including our popular Mini Munchies® snack packs, are the answer,” explained Sabelli. “Families can have it all in a single grab-and-go package. It’s really that easy.”

Sabelli added that the brand offers a wide range of immunity-boosting snacking cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in convenient formats that are ideal for school lunches or quick after-school snacks. “We grow a different snacking veggie for everyone in the family, even the pickiest eaters. They’re all grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses, so parents can be confident they’re providing their family the best quality 365 days a year.”

The brand offers a complete lineup of more than ten unique snack-sized veggies, including conventional and organic options, that can satisfy any craving. The offering includes family favorites like Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers as well as the award-winning Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes & Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers. With such a wide range of flavors to choose from, families can pack fun and satisfying lunches that will keep their little ones healthy in the classroom and energized on the playground.

Pure Flavor® is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of kids across North America this school year. Through social media, monthly newsletters, the Live Deliciously® eMagazine, and more, the brand shares its healthy lifestyle message with families.

As a part of that commitment to fostering healthy lifestyles, Pure Flavor® supports local communities in which it operates with its Adopt-A-School Program. Through this program, Pure Flavor® provides partner schools with weekly Mini Munchies® donations, activity sheets, and rich educational content that explains the greenhouse growing process and nutritional benefits of fresh veggies. Pure Flavor® was awarded the 2023 Champions of Education Award by the Greater Essex County District School Board – the award recognizes outstanding achievement and exceptional records of commitment by individuals and organizations in support of students and public schools.

According to Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer, the Adopt-A-School Program is yet another example of how the brand continues to help families Live Deliciously®. “We’re proud to provide schools with fresh produce and promote healthy eating. From the very first day of classes, it’s important for us to inspire children to make smart food choices that will last a lifetime. The program has been a tremendous success with new schools asking to participate regularly,” said Veillon. “Pure Flavor® is a family operated organization and the communities we grow in are a part of our family. With the Adopt-A-School Program, we can ensure kids get the nutrition they need with the flavor they crave.”

As a new school year begins, families can enjoy a wide variety of immune-boosting Pure Flavor® veggies that satisfy kids’ cravings for flavor and parents’ need for convenience.