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Leamington, ON (August 24th, 2021) – As society gets ready for Back-To-School season, parents are sending their kids to class with a fresh snack they love to eat by the handful: Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers from Pure Flavor®.

These super small, one-bite Nano Cucumbers aren’t the result of a science fair shrink-ray experiment gone awry – Uno Bites™ are grown in Pure Flavor’s® high-tech greenhouses to be the perfect snackable veggie for kids to enjoy in class, at recess, or on the bus.

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Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President

Fresh, natural, and healthy snacks are on parents’ radar this year. The pandemic prompted many consumers to consider how increasing veggie consumption can improve their health & immunity. For busy parents putting nutrition first on their back-to-school grocery lists, Uno Bites™ offer a refreshing level of convenience.

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“Parents want to pack healthy vegetables in their kids’ lunch boxes every day of the week, but they often struggle to find convenient, hassle-free options,” said Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President. Available in both Dry Pint and 1.75lb packages, Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers are so small that kids can literally grab them by the handful. “With Uno Bites™, we’re providing a nutritious product we know kids love in resealable, and recyclable packs – you can snack right out of the pack”, said Mastronardi.

The emphasis on convenience is backed up by survey data from Pure Flavor’s® #LoveForFresh campaign in late 2020. The brand surveyed hundreds of people across North America and found that more than 88% agree convenience is important to them when purchasing healthy snacks. 78% of people said they would eat more healthy snacks if they were more readily available.

“We want to make healthy snacking options available to all parents across the country this school year.” said Mastronardi. “We don’t think a lack of convenience or availability should be a barrier for kids to maintain a healthy diet, so we’ve increased production for Uno Bites™ to meet increased demand this Fall & Winter season.”

Parents who purchase Uno Bites™ for their kids this school year will want to save a handful or two to use in a variety of fresh recipes.

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Pure Flavor’s® social media feeds are full of mouth-watering recipes made with these unique bite-sized cucumbers, including a Grilled Pineapple and Cucumber Salad that will make you want to fire up the grill right away. In fact, if you’re looking for a salad, appetizer, or dinner recipe featuring refreshing cucumbers of all sizes, Pure Flavor® has 90 for you to browse, download and prepare for your family tonight.

According to Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer at Pure Flavor®, all that delicious content is meant to inform consumers on the versatility of each cucumber in the brand’s lineup.

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Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer

“We grow four different types of cucumbers and each one has specific flavor pairings, recipes, and uses that make it unique,” said Veillon. “If you think all cucumbers are the same, think again – that’s what we’re showing with all the content we share.””

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