Pure Flavor® has emerged as a leader in greenhouse grown organics thanks to its strategic investments in sustainable, state-of-the-art greenhouse technology, a vertically-integrated supply chain, and an impressive product portfolio.

For consumers with an appetite for organics, the brand offers a different flavor for every occasion with more than ten unique organic tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The vibrant selection includes beloved staple ingredients like Organic Tomatoes On-the-Vine and Organic Long English Cucumbers, sweet snacking options like Organic Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes & Sangria® Medley Tomatoes and Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, and gourmet cooking ingredients like Organic Luna® Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes.

For Tiffany Sabelli, Pure Flavor®’s Senior Director of Sales, it’s essential that the brand’s organic program reflects evolving consumer preferences, providing healthy and flavorful options that meet their needs in every season.

“It’s important for retailers to offer consumers what they crave the most: variety and convenience. That’s not unique to organic produce, but it can often be overlooked,” said Sabelli. “Our organic portfolio was developed with the consumer in mind. We grow for busy parents who want to put healthy, nutritious food on the table for their families, even on hectic weeknights. We grow for eco-conscious shoppers who prioritize sustainability and seek out greenhouse grown organic produce. We grow for foodies who simply want to enjoy the most flavorful fresh food available 365 days a year, and regardless of the season.”

While inflation continues to impact consumers’ purchasing decisions and organic produce sales growth has plateaued ー with the notable exception of cucumbers, which has seen sales increase by 7.2% according to The Packer’s Organic Fresh Trends 2024 ー Pure Flavor® is proving that brand loyalty is a key ingredient to success in organic produce.   “In a market where loyalty is all-important and hard-won, consumers know they can trust the Pure Flavor® brand to deliver the same great quality and nutrition every single day,” said Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President. “Our strategic investments in greenhouse grown organics ensures that we can continue to provide a fresh supply that retail and foodservice partners can count on for years to come.”

As a vertically integrated grower, Pure Flavor® provides a level of reliability and stability that can help its partners remain agile to stay ahead of emerging trends.

“We work closely with each of our partners to help them optimize their offerings for every season,” explained Mastronardi. “From category management to custom formats, we’re here to find a solution to fit each unique need. Our commitment extends beyond simply providing quality and variety; we’re actively involved in ensuring our partners succeed, regardless of the season.”

To learn more about the Pure Flavor® organic program and explore their popular product lineup for yourself, visit booth 312 at GOPEX in Hollywood, Florida from January 22 to 24.