Leamington, ON. – Pure Flavor® is showcasing the many ways its fresh greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables can help ‘shake up the menu’ at this month’s IFPA Foodservice Conference in Monterey, CA.

A brand recognized and respected by consumers across North America, Pure Flavor®  is known for the quality & consistency of its fresh produce. These qualities have made it a top choice for foodservice clients of all shapes and sizes.

Pure Flavor’s® greenhouse grown vegetables are featured on menus coast to coast, including fine dining & fast-food restaurants, schools, casinos, and resorts. Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President, says that in professional kitchens of any kind, quality dishes start at the source.

“We know how vital it is for foodservice clients to have a dependable, consistent supply of fresh produce year-round,” said Mastronardi. “Chefs need ingredients they can rely on time and time again to deliver the flavor their customers crave. With the latest in greenhouse technology at our disposal and a robust network that stretches across North America, Pure Flavor® is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality ingredients to foodservice clients who demand the best.”

In addition to quality and consistency, Pure Flavor® can bring an impressive amount of variety to menus with their many specialty ingredients.

Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes are a favorite among some of the world’s top chefs and have been awarded the International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Award and ChefsBest® Excellence Award. Chef Rick Paniagua ーChef for the Chicago Cubs during the historic 2016 World Series ー has said that “Cloud 9® Tomatoes are outstanding on their own and when combined with the other ingredients you truly see them shine and can appreciate the complexity of their flavor.”

Spicing up the pepper category are Pure Flavor’s® sizzling Craft House Collection® Shishito Peppers. Grilled, roasted, sautéed, stuffed, baked ー you name it, these unique peppers will ignite your senses. Found most often on East Asian restaurant menus, this foodie favorite adds a punch of flavor and the occasional spicy flair to gourmet recipes.

Other chef favorites include Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers and Uno Bites Nano Cucumbers. Small, snackable, and super sweet, Aurora Bites are a staple in many culinary dishes and, with fewer seeds, make prep work easy for cooks. Uno Bites are a crunchy, bite-sized cucumber with all the great flavor that makes them a healthy addition to any charcuterie board or appetizer.

The latest achievement in Pure Flavor’s® greenhouse technology is Solara Mini Melons. These Tastefully Tropical melons are the first personal-sized melons to be grown in a sustainable greenhouse and offer chefs a juicy and smooth flavor profile to incorporate into their menus as a handheld fruit bowl, refreshing dessert, or gourmet breakfast.

Each of Pure Flavor’s® unique offerings are available in convenient formats, including foodservice sized boxes that are perfect for small and mid-sized restaurant & various culinary programs that require a fresh rotation of produce with less waste.

For more information, visit pure-flavor.com/foodservice2022 and stop by Booth 210 at the IFPA Foodservice Show in Monterey, CA July 29th.