Leamington, ON (October 27th, 2021) – Pure Flavor® is introducing two new fresh products to its line of sustainable greenhouse grown Organics as the grower continues expanding its category offerings to meet consumer demand.

This fall, Pure Flavor® is adding Organic Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes and Organic Roma Tomatoes to its lineup as a response to trends that have emerged since the beginning of the pandemic. In that time, consumers have shown they are cooking more at home and are more determined than ever to prepare meals with fresh organic ingredients.

According to FMI’s 2021 Power of Produce Report, one-third of shoppers expect to purchase more organic produce in the next year. With industry analysts expecting these trends to continue, these new varieties of Organic tomatoes are a ripe opportunity for retailers.

Each new product fulfills a different need in the modern, all-organic kitchen. Greenhouse grown Organic Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes are a firm, medium-sized variety that gives home cooks the versatility they need with the added elegance of an on-the-vine tomato. They are perfect for baking, stuffing, and slicing in appetizers and side dishes.

Organic Roma Tomatoes, meanwhile, are a perfect fit for those home cooking staples that make a house feel like home: homemade pasta sauce, salsa, tomato soup, and more. For shoppers trying to transition their home’s menus from conventional to organic ingredients, these new organic tomatoes are sure to make their shopping list.

Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President

For Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President of Pure Flavor®, the decision to grow the Organics category is a response to consumer demand for more organic tomato varieties.

“Consumers are cooking more at home and purchasing more Organic produce than ever before. There’s a gap in the market for premium greenhouse grown organic cooking tomatoes and we’re making it easier for shoppers to find the fresh organic vegetables they prefer,” said Mastronardi. With now over ten different organic vegetables available, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and snacking options, variety is Pure Flavor’s® specialty.

In late 2020 as part of the company’s #LoveForFresh campaign, Pure Flavor® surveyed over 650 consumers across North America to find out what factors influence their decisions when purchasing organic produce. Almost 80% responded that a wider selection of organic produce at their preferred retailer would make them more likely to buy organic.

Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales

“We are always paying close attention to the market and identifying long-term trends so that we can help our retailers stay at the leading edge and satisfy their customers,” added Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales

Thanks to the latest innovations in greenhouse growing technology, the brand is able to sustainably grow organic vegetables in a controlled environment, which ensures the best quality, flavor, and consistency year-round. For each of those organic products grown under glass, Pure Flavor’s® family of growers can dial in specific settings to control the optimal temperature, humidity, irrigation, and plant nutrition. This level of precision is what allows Pure Flavor® to satisfy consumers’ organic cravings all year-round.

For more information on the latest organic tomatoes in Pure Flavor’s® lineup, visit http://www.pure-flavor.com/organics.