Leamington, ON. – When it comes to organic produce, consumers have demonstrated that brand trust is a key ingredient in their purchasing decision ー and retailers have taken note. In this competitive landscape where brands earn loyalty by earnestly communicating their values, Pure Flavor® has emerged as a clear leader. The company’s success stems from a commitment to variety, nutrition, sustainability, and consistent quality that has earned the confidence of consumers across North America.

For retailers who want to make a lasting impression with organic shoppers, stocking a wide variety of healthy organic ingredients is a sure way to satisfy their cravings. According to the 2023 U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends report released by FMI, shoppers are not willing to compromise by purchasing fewer produce items, even as they face higher food costs. In other words, they crave variety. While organic shoppers have historically had fewer choices when compared to conventional produce, Pure Flavor® is changing that.

The brand offers over ten different USDA Certified Organic veggies, each grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses that can be fine-tuned for maximum sustainability, better nutrition, and incredible flavor.

Families across North America can enjoy classics like Organic Tomatoes On-the-Vine, Organic Long English Cucumbers and Organic Sweet Bell Peppers, plus convenient snacking items families love like Organic Sangria® Medley Tomatoes, Organic Mini Cucumbers, and Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers. With such an impressive selection to choose from, shoppers know they can always find the flavor they crave.

Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales, says the brand has a lot to offer dedicated organic produce lovers. “At Pure Flavor®, we have crafted a diverse portfolio of organic options that perfectly satisfy consumer cravings year-round,” said Sabelli. “From kitchen staples and family favorites, to gourmet ingredients and organic snacking veggies that kids love, we’ve made sure that you can always find the flavor you’re looking for. Best of all, our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that retailers from coast to coast can rely on us to supply the best organic produce 365 days a year.”

Organic shoppers have high standards and care deeply about the food they put in their bodies; this means that retailers also need to think beyond what products they sell and take careful consideration of how they’re grown ーand even more importantly, who grows them.

Before making their organic choice, consumers today want to see inside the greenhouse. Pure Flavor® has been able to foster brand loyalty by connecting with consumers online and showing how they sustainably grow millions of healthy organic veggies.

Sabelli says that tapping into that well-earned loyalty is one way for retailers to grow their organic category at a time when sales may be slowing due to inflation. “Consumers who choose organic produce are looking for more than just a product; they are looking for a connection with the growers and a commitment to nutrition and sustainability,” Sabelli explained. “They are not willing to make compromises with the food they feed their family and will continue to seek out organic produce that meets their expectations and aligns with their values. Consumers seek out the Pure Flavor® logo at retail because they know we don’t make compromises either.”

Pure Flavor® has managed to forge a strong connection with consumers and gain a deeper understanding of their habits by actively engaging with them through social media and email. To provide the best possible produce to meet shoppers’ needs, they recently conducted a survey of over a thousand people. It revealed that 34% primarily purchase organics and that, despite inflation, 60% will pay more for organics, showing that strong demand for organics is not likely to be eroded any time soon.

Recent investments are a sign that the grower is all-in on organics and will continue to be a top brand for decades to come. Pure Flavor® recently completed their Phase IV organic greenhouse expansion at their Leamington, Ontario campus. This addition is strategically located to deliver organics quickly through a vast network that spans all the way from Detroit, MI to Peach County, GA and San Antonio, TX. To strengthen that supply chain throughout the southwest, Pure Flavor® recently acquired a second distribution center near McAllen, TX. The 85,000 square foot distribution centre will help expand the company’s reach in the southwest and support its rampant growth.

Pure Flavor® will be showcasing its impressive lineup of USDA Certified Organic vegetables at the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, CA on July 12-13. To learn more about the brand’s organics program, discuss the latest trends, and much more, visit booth #711 or https://www.pure-flavor.com/ops2023/.