A simple salad only needs the right ingredients to be loaded with fresh flavor. This Tomato and Corn Salad from Heather Englund has all the Southern flavor you could ever wish for in a salad! Prepare it as a side or main for lunch or make an impression at the next backyard barbecue!

Sangria tomatoes pack

If you want a healthy salad that’s packed with authentic Southern flavor, look no further than this Tomato and Corn Salad from Heather Englund.

In any great salad, each ingredient has a purpose. Each ingredient should have a distinct flavor, texture or aroma that makes the experience tastier with every bite.

With Heather’s Tomato and Corn Salad, you get the most flavor for the least amount of work because all the fresh ingredients do the work for you! We’re talking grilled corn on the cob, creamy avocados, and a delicious homemade vinaigrette made with basil, lemon, and honey.

There’s one ingredient that turns this salad into a true rainbow of flavors though: Sangria® Medley Tomatoes. No two tomatoes are truly alike!

Sangria® Tomatoes come in nearly every color of the rainbow, making every recipe an eye-catching showstopper for sharing with friends and family. With all that vibrant color comes a variety of flavors too! From sweet to tart, these juicy snacking tomatoes have something for everyone to love.

Tomato corn salad ready in plate

Part of why these tiny tomatoes are so great in fresh recipes like this Tomato and Corn Salad is that they go well with almost everything! No, really! Because there are so many flavors of tomatoes in each pack, they pair well with all sorts of ingredients, from grilled steak, to shrimp, to grilled corn and avocados.

Every pack of Sangria® Medley Tomatoes offers a new world of possibility and every bite is the start of a fresh adventure. Take them on car rides and walks for seriously delicious snacking. In fact, you might want to keep an extra pack around while you’re making this salad: it’s hungry work!

On a warm summer day by the pool or on the patio, there’s nothing like grilled corn on the cob! It just tastes like summer! Heather was able to take that summery flavor and put it into a bowl of pure healthy tastiness with her Tomato and Corn Salad.

This is the perfect salad to enjoy for lunch on summer weekends, to bring to backyard barbecues or parties, or to include as a side with grilled chicken wings.

Grilled corn in plate

To make Tomato and Corn Salad, start by preheating your grill to about 450°F. You want that grill nice and hot to get mouthwatering grill marks on the corn! While the grill is heating up, soak all the cobs of corn in water for ten minutes.

Now, it’s a fierce debate whether to leave the husk on for grilling. Every family has its favorite way to grill corn on the cob, and we’re not here to change your tradition. Both ways have benefits, but there’s just something extra fresh and flavorful about grilling corn with the husk on.

By grilling with the husk on, the corn is juicy every time. Plus, while it’s cooking you get to enjoy the amazing aroma of the husk slightly charring.

Grill the corn for about fifteen minutes, rotating occasionally so it cooks evenly. Then, set aside to cool slightly before peeling off the husk. Be very careful because the steam can be hot!

Tomato corn salad ready in plate, next sangria pack

Next, carefully slice the corn off the cob and add it to a bowl. Dice up those tasty Sangria® Tomatoes with two avocados. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even grill the avocados and Sangria® Tomatoes the next time you make this recipe.

In a small bowl, mix together olive oil with lemon juice, honey, fresh basil and sea salt.

Pour the fresh vinaigrette into the corn, tomato and avocado mixture and toss to combine everything together.

To serve this fresh taste of summer, top the Tomato & Corn Salad with fresh basil and lemon slices.

To make this Tomato and Corn Salad,  click here to see the recipe.

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