It’s National Pasta Month! From spaghetti to lasagna, fusilli, or macaroni, there is a shape and size that is a favorite in every family. To celebrate this special occasion let’s explore the wonderful world of pasta using greenhouse grown veggies.

There’s nothing quite like warm and cozy comfort food to make you feel good on a chilly October day, and what could be more comforting than a bowl of pasta? Pasta is one of the easiest and most versatile dishes to prepare with endless combinations of flavors and textures. Luckily, pasta lovers have a whole month to savor the flavor of their favorite food. That’s right, it’s National Pasta Month! To celebrate this special occasion let’s explore the wonderful world of pasta.

Rich in history & flavor –

Pasta has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times. Today, it remains a staple of Italian cuisine, but you can find pasta dishes in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and beyond. With over 300 types of noodles, many unique sauces, and unlimited recipes to try, you could make pasta every single day of the year and never have the same meal twice.

One of the most fun and creative parts about cooking pasta is that you can make it your own by experimenting with different ingredients. The best way to take your pasta dishes to the next level is to use fresh veggies, which add crunch, color, flavor, and nutrition to your pasta. They also make your pasta dishes look and taste like gourmet meals, even when they’re simple and easy to prepare. Whether you need a quick and satisfying dinner for your family or a fancy and impressive dish for a special occasion, fresh veggies will always make your pasta dishes stand out.

Selecting fresh greenhouse veggies is the easiest way to boost the flavor and nutrition of your pasta dish because they offer the best quality and freshness 365 days a year. One of our favorite pasta recipes is a Vegan Lasagna Skillet, featuring RedRoyals® Cherry Tomatoes On-The-Vine, greenhouse grown tomatoes that burst with rich, majestically sweet flavor. This recipe is simple to make, only requiring one skillet to cook everything. In a half hour, you’ll have a creamy and cheesy vegan lasagna your whole family will love.

Warm & comforting –

When the weather gets chilly, nothing beats a quick and easy dish that can warm up your whole family and help everyone feel cozy. One of the easiest and most delicious pasta dishes is Dutch Oven Beef & Cheese Pasta, a hearty and cheesy recipe that you cook in one pot, saving you time and hassle. The key ingredient is Tomatoes On-the-Vine which adds a layer of freshness and brightness to this creamy macaroni casserole style recipe and complements the savory ground beef, onion, spinach, and cheese.

Kids love pasta, so if you’re trying to find new ways to make their diet more nutritious, one easy option is to mix lots of fresh veggies with their favorite pasta noodles. One recipe they’re sure to love is Veggie Packed Pasta, a colorful and tasty dish that features Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, Sangria® Medley Tomatoes, and Craft House Collection® Baby Eggplant. These greenhouse grown veggies are loaded with Vitamin C, lycopene, fiber, and many other important vitamins and nutrients kids need to be healthy. Your kids can help you cook a big pot of this tasty pasta for dinner. Even better, you can save some for healthy school lunches tomorrow!

Get creative with flavors –

For experienced foodies and beginner home cooks alike, pasta is a great dish to experiment with and see where your imagination takes you. A great recipe that you can personalize to your own palate is Tomato & Burrata Orzo, a creamy one-pot meal made with rice-shaped orzo pasta. You can make this dish as it is or make changes to suit your taste by substituting a different type of cheese or protein. The key ingredient is Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, which offers a unique fruity sweetness. While almost any other ingredient in this dish can be substituted, you don’t want to miss out on these unique little tomatoes: each is a tiny taste of heaven®.

Nothing can bring more joy and comfort to your life than a bowl of pasta made with fresh greenhouse grown veggies. For more inspiration to help you celebrate National Pasta Month, explore some more of our fresh pasta recipes. You can always stay up to date and get the latest recipes by signing up for our newsletter. Buon appetito!