The Pure Flavor® Intern Program is designed to provide a transformative experience that empowers young talent to cultivate their skills. As a family-operated organization, we believe in collaboration, innovation, and learning from each other daily – internships are a great way for students to gain real-world experience and explore potential career paths.

Through our internship program, we aim to offer a range of industry-specific opportunities, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge to practical situations. We provide mentorship and guidance to interns, fostering their personal growth & professional development. Additionally, we encourage interns to take initiative and contribute their innovative ideas, ensuring a mutually beneficial experience for both parties involved. At the end of the program, we strive to equip interns with a well-rounded skill set and a solid foundation for their future careers.

We are excited to introduce our exceptionally talented summer interns!

Kailey Foster is a student at Wilfred Laurier University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership Studies. Kailey is expected to graduate in June 2024 and is currently working in the Marketing department.

“As a marketing intern at Pure Flavor®, I have gained valuable real-world experience that goes beyond textbook learning. Joining the Pure Flavor® team has allowed me to build a strong foundation of skills in digital marketing, content creation, market research, and branding.

The collaborative and supportive team environment at Pure Flavor® is something I truly appreciate. I have also had the opportunity to learn a new skill: participating in photoshoots and capturing authentic moments with our staff. Additionally, engaging with the public at community events and answering their questions about our vegetable products has been rewarding.

Having grown up in Leamington, I understand the importance of people knowing where and how their food is grown. The greenhouse industry, both locally and globally, holds great significance to me. Promoting sustainable produce growth and emphasizing Pure Flavor’s®, contribution to healthy living are key aspects of my role as a Marketing Intern.

 I look forward to continuing to learn and grow throughout the remainder of my internship, contributing to the company’s success.”

Rory Coward is a student at the University of Windsor, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Business Administration degree with a focus on Financial Planning and Analysis. Rory is expected to graduate in the summer of 2025 and is currently working in the Financial Planning and Analysis department.

“Joining a young and emerging company like Pure Flavor® has provided the ideal environment for my professional growth. Since starting here, the FP&A team has warmly embraced me, creating a calm and welcoming workplace atmosphere. Every morning, I genuinely look forward to coming in and engaging in my work.

I am grateful for the chance to learn various aspects of the company’s financial and accounting operations through hands-on tasks. These tasks have included preparing training courses for payroll auditing, generating Profit and Loss reports, and assembling Repack and Invoice reports.

As a student at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, I have applied the skills I acquired in early finance and data management classes to this role, contributing to the company’s success. The opportunity I have been given at Pure Flavor® has filled me with immense gratitude.

Working in finance has provided me with hands-on experience that has deepened my understanding and appreciation for the field, solidifying it as a viable and compelling career option for my future. The practical knowledge and skills I am acquiring in this role will provide a solid foundation for the future.”

Claire Farquharson, a student at St. Clair College, is pursuing a program in Human Resources Management and will be graduating in June 2023. Claire is currently working in the Human Resources department.

“During my time at St. Clair College, I gained knowledge and experience in various areas of Human Resources, including recruitment & selection, training & development, occupational health & safety, workplace employment, labor law, and compensation planning. This program aligned perfectly with my interests.

Since joining Pure Flavor®, I have been able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during my formal education and expand my skillset beyond the classroom. I actively participate in the interview process, JHSC meetings, training sessions, job description reviews, compensation-related tasks, companywide event planning, and the recruitment & selection process.

While working at Pure Flavor®, I have had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with many amazing staff members. I work closely with Beth Mlinaric, the HR Director, and Miranda Fournier, the H&S/HR Coordinator. Both have extensive HR knowledge and experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by these exceptional women.”

Everett Parent is a student at the University of Windsor pursuing a BASc, Mechanical Engineering degree. He is expected to graduate in December 2023 and works in the Engineering department.

“Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have been able to apply engineering principles to a range of real-world challenges. My experiences working in co-op engineering positions at Hiram Walker, REKO Automation, BASF, and other companies have provided me with invaluable opportunities to put my skills to the test and gain practical, hands-on experience in the field. I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of knowledge, which has given me valuable insights into diverse industrial processes, innovations, and technologies.

I am an Industrial Engineering Intern at Pure Flavor®, working in a new fully automated Packhouse, optimizing cycle time efficiencies through innovative solutions. I am charged with implementing SOPs and preventative maintenance plans, where I prioritize safety while fostering a healthy work environment. Pure Flavor®, has given me a terrific opportunity to work on state-of-the-art automation, where I can leverage my engineering knowledge. It’s exciting to be a part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this field.”

It’s All About Team –

At Pure Flavor®, we believe in the power of our intern programs to unleash young talent and create a brighter future. By welcoming students into an inspiring work environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, growth, and innovation we have seen many of these interns go on to great success. Our internship programs are part of our commitment to making sure the next generation is prepared for whatever comes their way. Our goal is not only to continue to provide this fantastic opportunity but also to create an educational experience for all interns that will help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their future endeavors!

Our future is fresh friendly.