Greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and flavor to help fuel healthy lives. Plant-based diets encompass a wide range of dietary patterns that contain low amounts of animal products & high amounts of plant products. We all know that not one food can cure all, but a shift towards incorporating more plants into everyday meals can make a difference. Our friend Hope, @thelocalplanteater, provides her Top 3 Tips to those trying to incorporate more of a plant-based lifestyle!

Being on a plant-based diet has been one of the most rewarding things for both my mental and physical health. As someone who has been on a plant-based diet for the last five years, I can confidently say that I have this whole thing down pat. If I were to go back five years ago when I started, this is what I would have told myself.

Find Meal Inspiration – It’s Everywhere –

Give yourself credit for trying something new. Every pro once started as a beginner. The best way to figure out how to approach this lifestyle is to find inspiration, and in this digital age – it is everywhere! Create Pinterest boards to save your favorite plant-based recipes or connect with people online who promote this way of eating to get some recipe inspiration.  

Keep It Simple – You Don’t Have to Be Perfect –

Keeping it simple is one of my best pieces of advice. When it comes to preparing meals, grocery shopping, and meal inspiration – keep it all simple. Some of the best meals I have made have been from using fresh produce with just a few spices – like this One Pot Vegan Shakshuka with Cannellini Beans made with Cloud 9® Bite-Size Fruity Tomatoes. I find the simpler the ingredient list, the better the meal.  A misconception about a plant-based diet is that there is nothing to eat, which is not the case. All you need are a few meals you love that you can make again and again on repeat. Once you start to feel confident in the kitchen, you can try taking on some new dishes. Get creative with it and have fun! Using fresh greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables means that you can create all year round!

Focus On Yourself and How You Feel –

When switching to a new way of living, you may find that people around you have a lot to say. At the end of the day, how you feel and eat is up to you. Focus on your health goals, and how good you feel when you are nourishing your body with healing plants. Continue doing research, reading articles and blogs, and watching videos that remind you why you are choosing to eat this way.

Remember, you don’t have to go all-in right off the hop. I first started eating more plant-based meals, then I transitioned to a vegetarian diet. After months of doing so, I decided I was up for the change. Participate in #meatlessmonday or try switching one meal a day to a plant-based option. Making small changes every day can eventually create a big impact.  It’s all about progress over perfection. You’ve got this!

~ Hope