Pure Flavor® believes in helping tomorrow’s leaders get a head-start on healthy active lifestyles. The Adopt-A-School Program was created to support health initiatives led by schools across North America by providing fresh and nutritious snacks of greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers on a regular basis. Hear from one of our partner schools, James L. Dunn French Immersion, and how the support of fresh fruits & vegetables makes a difference at their school!

At James L. Dunn French Immersion Public School, we run a breakfast program every day for more than 300 hungry Cardinals. Each day we offer a fruit, vegetable, protein, and grain to the students. Having Pure Flavor® Mini Munchies Snack Packs with fresh greenhouse grown cherry tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers ensures that we have a fresh vegetable option. We have benefited from Pure Flavor®’s community support for more than six years now, and some of our staff wanted to share their gratitude and describe how Pure Flavor®’s support benefits our students here at James L. Dunn. Watch now:

Cardinals Cooking Club –

The Cardinals Cooking Club allows our students to identify and view themselves as competent individuals who can cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. As part of our cooking club, students use Pure Flavor® vegetables in many of the recipes each week. Our goal was to teach students about cooking in a fun, healthy, and meaningful way so they would see themselves as empowered individuals.

The aim of our project was to equip students with practical life skills for their transition into adulthood, utilizing cooking as a tool to promote healthy habits, social interactions, and financial and food literacy. We sought to encourage the development of positive attitudes towards nutritious food options by providing hands-on experiences. By engaging in this tangible experience, we hoped that students would be more motivated to experiment with diverse foods and prepare wholesome meals. Though many lessons were learned, you can read the Top 10 Lessons From Cooking Club that our future leaders have learned using a measuring cup!

In-School Campaigns: Cool As Cucumbers –

As one of Pure Flavor®’s  Adopt-A-School partners, we were able to participate in the Cool as Cucumbers Campaign in some creative ways this past March!

The month-long campaign kicked off with “The Big Crunch” event where the whole school crunched into a Mini Cucumber together! For some of our students, this was the first time they had ever tried a cucumber, and they’re now taking the Mini Munchies® bag on a more regular basis.

From unique cucumber poetry to daily exercises, there were plenty of learning activities during the Cool As Cucumbers Campaign to keep these students busy. From cucumber trivia to poetry contests, take a look at how Our Students Are Cool as Cucumbers during the campaign, as they learned all about their favorite veggie.

Looking Forward –

Our students at James L. Dunn have certainly come to look forward to the daily breakfast and snack program where Mini Munchies® Snack Packs are served. It’s important to us that we help them learn more about healthy food options. Plus we know that proper nutrition is essential in order to have a good foundation for learning each day. We hope that these experiences will build life-long fruit & veggie lovers! Whether it’s from the exciting experiences in the cooking club or new, upcoming campaigns in school, they’re all excited to learn more and try new things. Thank you, Pure Flavor®, for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!

~ Mel Brown