Treat your family and take your breakfast game to the next level. Nearly half of American families skip this vital meal, which provides everyone in your family with the energy they need for school or work. Not all breakfasts are created equal: some are loaded with sugar, fat, and empty calories, while others are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You don’t have to settle for boring, unhealthy breakfasts!

There are so many ways to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies in the morning that will start your day in a healthy way and keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, hot or cold, smooth or crunchy, everyone has a flavor that makes them just a little more excited to get out of bed.

Breakfast is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of eating a balanced and wholesome breakfast. Proteins, whole grains, and, most importantly, fresh greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients that can boost brain function, immunity, and metabolism.

Benefits of Breakfast –

Research has shown that having breakfast before school can increase a child’s ability to learn and focus throughout the day. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids who eat a full, healthy breakfast before a test have significantly higher scores in math, spelling, and reading. A complete, healthy breakfast full of fresh fruits and veggies is also high in fiber, which makes you feel full so you don’t overeat or resort to unhealthy snacks later in the day, which may explain why kids who regularly skip breakfast are more likely to become overweight or obese.

Now that you know why eating a healthy breakfast is important, you might be wondering how to make it happen. Luckily, we have some quick and easy ideas for you that will make your breakfast more delicious and nutritious.

It doesn’t get any simpler – or healthier ー than an omelette, frittata, or quiche. While there are many unique recipes to try, they all invite you to mix your favorite fresh ingredients with eggs and either fry or bake them until they reach peak fluffy, creamy deliciousness. In a matter of minutes, you can chop up some juicy Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes and Sweet Bell Peppers, crack a few eggs, give it a whisk, and toss in the oven while getting the kids dressed for school. You can also bake these in muffin tins, like this Pepper Quiche Cups recipe, and keep them in the fridge for an easy breakfast to microwave every day of the week.

Keep it Simple –

If you’re rushing out the door to school, a simple smoothie is a great option. You can blend Mini Cucumbers, Sweet Blooms® Strawberries, Alonna™ Canary Melons, and more of your family’s favorite fresh ingredients with some yogurt, milk, or juice. This will give you a refreshing and hydrating drink that is packed with essential nutrients. Need some inspiration? Check out this tropical Cucumber Pineapple Smoothie recipe that you can make in ten minutes. Plus, Mom and Dad will love sipping on this smoothie while driving to work!

If your sweet tooth needs satisfying early in the morning, you don’t need to reach for that sugary box of cereal. Instead, quickly make up some Fluffy Melon Pancakes. You can even make the melon puree batter the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. Some people swear by this trick for making fluffier pancakes! The real trick is to top the pancakes with even more healthy and sweet Alonna™ Canary Melons.

Create Savory Options –

For those who enjoy a savory breakfast loaded with fresh veggies, you have plenty of options that don’t require you to set your alarm early. All-in-one skillets and casseroles will fill you up and satisfy all your cravings without any fuss ー and very little cleanup too. You can try a Maple Chorizo Breakfast Skillet with super sweet Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes and Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers. These fresh and flavorful ingredients add a sweet and tangy contrast to the spicy and smoky flavors of the chorizo sausage. To save time, you can chop up the veggies the night before.

Casseroles are another option for busy families that want to enjoy a hearty breakfast on weekdays. One of our favorites is the Sunrise Tater Tot Casserole with Bumbles® Yellow Grape Tomatoes and Sweet Bell Peppers. It’s a colorful and cheerful way to start your day with a smile. Another casserole that we love is the Everything Bagel Casserole with Azuca Red Cherry Tomatoes, cream cheese, white cheddar cheese, and, of course, everything bagels.

It’s always important to start your day off on the right foot with a nutritious, filling, and satisfying breakfast. If you need some more morning inspiration check out more of our healthy breakfast recipes today. You can always stay up to date and get the latest recipes by signing up for our newsletter.