Summer is a time for entertaining and part of that is centered around the food that is on the table. It’s one of the best times for delicious salads and many of our favorite foods bring back memories from the last time we enjoyed them with family and friends. This week in our Summer of Salads campaign, we’ve given some traditional salad recipes a fresh twist using greenhouse grown veggies. Join us in enjoying nostalgic dishes that #GoBeyondTheGreens!

From Grandma’s pasta salad to Dad’s favorite coleslaw, we all have those special family recipes that invoke a stroll down memory lane. Using always-available, fresh greenhouse grown produce, we’ve freshened up some classic salad dishes to make them even more nutritious and delicious. Each salad is a burst of colors and flavors, taking us back to joyful moments at family picnics, beach parties, and neighborhood potluck cookouts.

Classic Recipes with a Twist –

Greenhouse grown Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers are the perfect additions to add extra color, flavor and nutrients to your family’s favorite dishes. Let’s explore some mouthwatering salad recipes that take us on a nostalgic journey:

Creamy Coleslaw Perfection –

Creamy coleslaw is loved for its simple and refreshing taste. Our Chopped Creamy Coleslaw gets even better with the addition of Red Sweet Bell Peppers & sliced Long English Cucumber The sweet and crunchy vegetables perfectly complement the creamy dressing, making it a perfect side dish for any meal.

A Family Gathering Classic –

What’s more nostalgic than the good old American Macaroni Salad at family gatherings and potluck parties? With vibrant Sangria® Medley Tomatoes adding color and juiciness, this dish becomes even more delicious.

Layered Salad Delight –

The Six Layer Salad is a delightful blast from the past, with its retro charm. The Oriana® Orange Grape Tomatoes add a pop of color and tanginess to each layer, making it a showstopper at parties. You can create an impressive and delicious centerpiece with this recipe!

Tasty & Quick –

The Tuna Pesto Pasta Salad is just what you need for a quick and tasty meal, like those relaxed summer afternoons. The Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers add a sweet touch that goes great with the tangy tuna and savory pesto. It’s a dish that brings joy and comfort, like a homemade meal.

Summertime Bliss –

This Grilled Chicken Ramen Salad will take you right back to those delicious summer barbecues and picnics. The tender grilled chicken and crunchy ramen noodles match perfectly, and the Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes add a juicy sweetness that makes it even better. It’s a delightful mix of textures and flavors that will keep you coming back for more!

So, as you enjoy the last few weeks of summer and plan your next BBQ or family get-together, why not choose some recipes that not only celebrate your food heritage but also bring back those unforgettable memories? By adding greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables, you can easily add a fresh twist to those classic flavors and bump up the nutrient value of the dishes. Fresh elements easily add color, flavor, and textures that help to transform even the simplest of recipes. You never know, Grandma may love how you’ve made her traditional salads even better!

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