As one of our Adopt-A-School partners, our friends at James L. Dunn Public School have shared with us some of the creative ways they are participating in our Cool As Cucumbers campaign! From unique cucumber poetry to daily exercises, there have been plenty of learning activities to keep these students busy. See what Principal Mel Brown has to say about her students’ experience so far as they learn all about their favorite veggie.

Why are cucumbers so confident? They’re kind of a big DILL!! Well, Pure Flavor’s® “Cool as Cucumbers” campaign has been a big deal at James L. Dunn too! On Monday, March 20th, our entire school population met in the school gym to kick off the Cool As Cucumbers campaign with The Big Crunch. Staff from Pure Flavor® handed out individual cucumbers to each student and staff member as they entered (and it was hard to convince them to wait for that first bite!) To kick off this fresh campaign, we counted down and crunched in unison, marking the start of some great activities for the month!

Fresh Activity Challenge –

Our Student Parliament took on the Fresh Activity challenge and posted 31 days of different exercises in every classroom. Our morning announcement crew chooses an activity at random each day and leads our entire student body through the exercise. Students are encouraged to try this new activity each day but also practice their favorite each day of the week. This daily activity helps to keep our bodies fit, and our brains energized!

As one of their Adopt-A-School partners, Pure Flavor® donates Mini Munchies® Snack Sized Veggies to our breakfast program which contain a delicious mix of Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers. For some of our students, “The Big Crunch” was the first time they had ever tried a cucumber, and they’re now taking the Mini Munchies® bag on a more regular basis. We also offer individual-sized hummus portions to round out the snack with some healthy protein.

Student Creativity –

In our classrooms, we have been holding weekly challenges created by Pure Flavor®. In week one, students were challenged to create a poem about cucumbers. It could be an acrostic, a rhyming poem, or even a short couplet. We got some great entries, including these two poems from a Gr. 4 and a Gr. 8 student.

Cucumber Love – by Hope A.

There once was a cucumber fine.
Who sang as he hung on the vine.
I love you dear dill, and I will always will.
I’d relish you if you were mine!

Ode to a Cucumber – by Manel G.

Oh, cucumber, how you speak to my soul,
Your beauty and simplicity, make me whole,
With your vibrant green, and graceful shape,
You’re a veggie that’s simply hard to escape.

From the garden bed, to the kitchen knife,
You’re a gift from the earth, that brings such life,
Your subtle taste, a refreshing balm,
A true delight, in every culinary calm.

You’re a vegetable, that’s more than just a snack,
With health benefits, that keep me on track,
You’re low in calories, but high in nutrition,
A perfect addition, to any health mission.

From hydrating my body, to reducing inflammation,
You’re a veggie, that offers endless salvation,
You help lower blood pressure, and fight off disease,
A true superfood, that’s designed to please.

From salads to sandwiches, you never disappoint,
A versatile veggie, that’s simply on point,
And with every bite, I taste your goodness,
A gift from nature, that’s pure and true, I confess.

Oh, humble cucumber, you’re a wonder to behold,
A veggie that’s so much more than just a mold,
You’re a symbol of simplicity, and health so true,
And for that, I thank you, with all my heart and hue.

Cool As Cucumber Activities –

Other challenges have included opinion writing pieces (Do you prefer your cucumbers whole or sliced?), and even cucumber trivia. (Not many of us knew that eating cucumbers can actually cool you down!) Thanks to Pure Flavor® for providing us with some amazing prizes, students have been eager to participate and excited to be called down as winners!

As we’re halfway through the Cool As Cucumbers campaign, we don’t know what else the month may bring, but we know that our Cardinals are more than looking forward to it! Because there’s nothing better than enjoying a month devoted to the most adorable vegetable – the cucumber!

~ Mel Brown