Pure Flavor® is committed to empowering future leaders with a jumpstart toward maintaining healthy and active lifestyles through the Adopt-A-School Program. Discover the impact of our support on M.D. Bennie Public School, one of our partner schools, and how the regular provision of fresh fruits and vegetables is making a positive difference in their snack program!

Students at M.D. Bennie Public School have begun to change how they think about vegetables. When we introduced Pure Flavor®‘s Mini Munchies® to the school several students had an undesirable look on their faces and the comment “I don’t like vegetables, especially tomatoes” was heard more than once. It’s only been a few months since we joined the Adopt a School Program and several students have changed their thinking. Now we are hearing comments like “Can I please have more munchies?”, “They are so good”, and ‘I didn’t like vegetables before!” when every Mini Munchies® is handed out for a snack. 

Our School Mission –

At M.D. Bennie Public School, we are an International Baccalaureate World School and follow our mission statement that reads:  

M.D. Bennie Public School is a diverse and inclusive community that works together to develop a nurturing, compassionate, and accepting environment for all. 

Through rigorous and differentiated learning experiences, our students are inspired to develop a natural curiosity and a lifelong love of learning. We prepare globally-minded students to be creators and innovators who share their voices and take action to make positive contributions to their ever-changing world. 

We’re committed to a Growth Mindset –

With that said we are committed to fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2- ZERO HUNGER! With the support of Pure Flavor®‘s Mini Munchies®, we are focused on changing the mindset and providing students with the important nutrients they may not be receiving at home daily.  

Students in the Grade 6 classroom are the leaders of this program and have thought of new and exciting ways to introduce vegetables into their daily eating habits. Introducing dips, creating various salads, and making vegetables desirable to everyone.

Every other week grade 6 class offers nutritious lunches to students using various foods including Mini Munchies® to change the way we think about vegetables. Some ideas from the grade 6s to incorporate vegetables into the food we eat are to include them in our pasta sauces, put them in our soup and even create pasta salad with them.   Our students have worked towards developing their own recipes with the veggies like this salad:

Pasta Salad by Zara –

Here is a recipe for pasta salad with directions by Zara, a student at M.D. Bennie Public School.  

You will need:

  • Pure Flavor® Mini Munchies® (Cucumbers, Peppers, Tomatoes)
  • Any extra vegetables you like (Pure Flavor® offers lots to choose from!) 
  • 900 grams of Pasta (any noodle shape and size you wish) 
  • Italian Dressing 


  • First, boil the pasta and remove it from the water. Put the noodles in a bowl.
  • Meanwhile, cut up all vegetables into small pieces. 
  • Then, add the noodles and the pasta together. 
  • Finally, add as much Italian dressing as you need and mix it all together. 
  • Enjoy!

What The Students Have to Say –

The intermediate students hand out the Mini Munchies® packs several times a week and have noticed that students are asking for more. Whenever we mention Mini Munchies® students are now answering with a more positive mindset towards vegetables. Here are some student testimonials:

“I didn’t really like vegetables before, but now I kind of do. I liked peppers just not as much as I do now. Now I like the tomatoes and cucumbers too but the peppers are really good.” – Allysa, Grade 4

“I used to not like peppers because they don’t taste like anything but now after having them every time at school and eating them in different ways, I like them now.” – Judy, Grade 7

“I like vegetables because they are healthy and good for you and these ones are pretty yummy” – Levi, Grade 4 

“Vegetables are good for eating at school because they are healthy, and they make us learn better and grow. I am growing more because I can eat more vegetables.” – Hanin

“I like when we have extras. I always ask to take them home so that my mom can make me something with them and she can have some good vegetables too.” – Kingston, Grade 8

Staff and students agree that Pure Flavor® Mini Munchies® are an excellent addition to our snack program, and we are so happy to be a part of this program. We know that a healthy diet will certainly help our students achieve all that they set their minds to!

~ Christina