During the constant rush of the work week, relying on fast food is an easy way to satisfy your hunger at lunchtime, but not always the best choice for your health (or wallet). That’s where National Pack Your Lunch Day comes in, shining a light on the goodness of fresh, homemade meals. It’s a little nudge towards embracing meals that are good for your health and more flavorful.

By simply packing your own lunch, you can take steps towards healthier eating habits. Sure, it might seem like a bit more work, but with a few simple tips, making that switch is easier than you might think — and totally worth it.

Lunch Packing Hack 1: Meal Prep the Night Before –

To make mornings less hectic and ensure you have a nutritious lunch ready to go, prepare your meals the night before. This simple shift in your routine can significantly reduce stress and save you precious time during busy mornings.

By washing, chopping, and even assembling parts of your lunch in advance, you’re committing to a healthier diet and a happier you!

Lunch Packing Hack 2: Invest in Sustainable Storage Containers –

Choosing the right sustainable storage containers is crucial for lunch prep success. Opt for leak-proof, airtight options to keep your food fresh and prevent spills. Compartmentalized containers like bento boxes are especially valuable as they separate different meal components, meaning you can include many different nutritious ingredients. It’s a simple way to be more environmentally conscious while packing more versatile lunches.

Lunch Packing Hack 3: Find Balance and Variety –

Balancing your lunch with all four food groups not only caters to nutritional needs but also keeps every day interesting. By incorporating different textures and flavors, you’ll never get bored of all the healthy options in your fridge and pantry.

A well-balanced lunch featuring a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and grains keeps you energized and satisfied all day. Healthy Lunch Bento Boxes is a perfect example, offering the sweetness of Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, the crunch of Mini Cucumbers, and the vibrant flavor of Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers. Paired with sliced ham or bologna, cheddar cheese, crackers, peas, bowtie noodles, and blueberries, this lunch option is packed with the full spectrum of flavors while also striking the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals.

Lunch Packing Hack 4: Choose Fresh Greenhouse Grown Produce –

Greenhouse grown fruits and veggies taste just as delicious in March as they do in July, which means you can enjoy your favorite flavors, like the tropical sweetness of Tiki Tomatoes, whenever you get the craving. Our Tomato Quinoa Salad recipe highlights the exotic flavor of these snacking tomatoes. If you want to escape to a sunny beach during your lunch hour on a dreary workday, Tiki Tomatoes™ will take you there with waves of fresh flavor, a ray of sunshine that shows the power of greenhouse grown produce.

Lunch Packing Hack 5: Keep Hydrated –

When thinking about healthy lunches, it’s easy to forget about the importance of keeping hydrated, which helps us stay focussed on those long afternoons at work. Embrace hydration and crisp freshness in your lunch with our Cucumber Chicken Salad, featuring the delightful crunch of Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers. This salad combines the hydrating quality of cucumbers with the lean protein of shredded chicken, creating a meal that’s both satisfying and refreshing ー a testament to how simple ingredients can come together to create a lunch that’s anything but ordinary.

Lunch Packing Hack 6: Get Creative With Leftovers –

Making the most of leftovers is a great way to reduce waste and save time preparing a nutritious lunch. Reimagine last night’s chicken dinner leftovers with our Tamale Bites, a recipe that perfectly incorporates the classic flavors of Organic Roma Tomatoes, garlic, queso fresco, and masa for a handheld lunch favorite. If you have a lot of leftovers to use up, you can make extra to freeze for convenient lunches any day of the week.

National Pack Your Lunch Day is a perfect moment to reevaluate your lunch habits and strive for choices that are not only healthier but also sustainable. Packing your lunch offers a unique opportunity to tailor meals to your dietary needs, control portion sizes, and explore flavors that cater to your preferences. For more healthy eating tips and more delicious recipes like Mini Caprese Bites & Turkey Sandwich or Smoky Pepper Sandwiches, sign up for our newsletter.