Life gets busy and it doesn’t take long for the kitchen to fill up with food. Don’t let it go to waste! We all need a day to declutter the fridge and make room for fresh, nutritious ingredients. Luckily, that day is today: National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! If you’re like most of us, you probably have some items in your fridge that are past their prime or that you don’t know what to do with. Instead of throwing them away, turn them into delicious, healthy dishes that your family will love.

Cleaning out your fridge doesn’t have to be boring. It can be really rewarding to declutter you’ll feel more relaxed in your kitchen so you can focus on creating healthy and delicious meals. Embracing National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15th not only helps reduce food waste but also leads to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With a few simple tips and even simpler recipes, you’ll not only enjoy great food but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious way of living. Plus, you’ll save money by using up the ingredients you already have instead of buying new ones. Who doesn’t love that?

To clean out your fridge and pantry, start by sorting out the items by expiration date. Toss out anything that is spoiled or past its best-before date. Then, organize the fridge by categories, such as dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, sauces, etc. This will help you find what you need faster and avoid wasting space. Finally, use up the ingredients that are about to go bad. Turn them into delicious dishes that will make your taste buds happy.

Pro Tip: To reduce waste, always choose high-quality greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables. Expert growers have perfected the growing process, resulting in produce that simply tastes better ー for longer! The best part is that they’re available 365 days a year with the same level of freshness.

Tomato Corn & Cucumber Salad –

Corn on the cob is a favorite side dish, but what do you do with the leftover corn cobs that are taking up space in your fridge? Don’t throw them away! You can use them to make a Tomato Corn & Cucumber Salad, a vibrant and refreshing salad that’s perfect for a light lunch or a side dish. This simple recipe uses Tiki Tomatoes™ to add a burst of tropical freshness that enhances all the other ingredients. Roast the corn to bring out its natural sweetness and flavor. Then, chop the tomatoes and Long English Cucumber, and toss them with the corn, croutons, and some fresh parsley. For added fresh flavor, you can also add some basil, mint, or chives. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Grilled Cheese with Tiki Tomatoes

Do you have some bread that is starting to go stale in your fridge? You could freeze it or turn it into croutons for the previous recipe, but if you want maximum flavor you need to try Grilled Cheese with Tiki Tomatoes™. It’s a fun and tasty take on a classic comfort food that’s easy to make and satisfying to eat. This isn’t your average, everyday grilled cheese. It’s stuffed with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil that give it a healthy boost and incredible flavor. The Tiki Tomatoes™ offer a sweet and tangy flavor that complements the gooey cheese perfectly.

Pro Tip: Never store your tomatoes in the fridge. This causes them to lose their flavor and texture. Keep them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and enjoy them within a week. Trust us, you’ll taste the difference.

Moroccan Vegetable Lettuce Wraps –

Homemade sauces, chilis, stews, and casseroles made in a Dutch oven or slow cooker are all easy and flavorful ways to use up ingredients taking up space in your fridge. One of our favorite dishes is Moroccan Vegetable Lettuce Wraps, a great vegan option for weeknights. This dish is a good way to use up the onions, lemons, and Sweet Bell Peppers in your fridge and it takes less than 30 minutes to make. Sweet Bell Peppers are versatile and delicious veggies that can add color and crunch to any dish. Roma Tomatoes are another greenhouse grown veggie that you can use in so many flavorful recipes. They have a rich and meaty texture that makes them ideal for sauces like the one in this recipe. This dish is one that we know you’ll love, and so will your whole family.

Sheet Pan Chicken with Tomatoes & Veggies –

For another quick weeknight meal that can make use of some ingredients you probably have in your fridge, look no further than Sheet Pan Chicken with Tomatoes & Veggies, a one-pan meal that’s easy to prep and cook. This dish is a good way to use up the potatoes, carrots, onion, and chicken that might be in your fridge or pantry. To make this dish extra special, you’ll need Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, a go-to ingredient to enhance any simple meal. All you need to do is combine the ingredients with a savory spice rub mixture, roast it in the oven for forty minutes, and dinner is ready. You can serve this dish with a side of rice or naan bread, or enjoy it on its own. It’s a hearty and satisfying meal with endless variations, so you can adapt it to the ingredients you have on hand.

By using up the ingredients you already have, you can save money, reduce waste, and enjoy delicious meals. Plus, you’ll feel great with a nice clean kitchen! Remember, National Clean Out Your Fridge Day only comes once a year, but it’s an opportunity to start a habit that can help you keep your kitchen organized and your family healthy all year.

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