Our vegetables are Non-GMO Project Verified

We grow Millions of veggie plants each year in our greenhouses

Our Georgia Grown Tomatoes and Cucumbers are within 24 hours of 80 million consumers

Greenhouse grown

We are the next generation of vegetable growers, inspired to put quality, flavor, and customers first by providing greenhouse grown vegetables from our farms located throughout North America.

Choose Your Pack

Cloud 9 Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes

Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes
The sweetness you crave with the quality you deserve.

Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes

Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes
Change the way that you snack, one crisp, crunchy, sweet bite at a time.

Sangria Medley Tomatoes

Sangria® Tomato Medley
Natural explosions of color and flavor - enjoy sweet snacking sensations with every occasion.

Oriana Orange Grape Tomatoes

Oriana® Orange Grape Tomatoes
Energize with the snack that glows bright like the sun and tastes like summer.

Chocolate Rose Brown Grape Tomatoes

Chocolate Rose Brown Grape Tomatoes
Taste the rich flavor of a chocolate rose grape tomato grown for gourmet snacking and healthy meals.

RedRoyals Sweet Cherry Tomatoes on-the-vine

RedRoyals® Sweet Cherry Tomatoes On-the-Vine
Bursting with rich, majestically sweet flavor, RedRoyals® are a worthy complement to every eating occasion.

Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes

Luna® Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes
Bursting with rich flavor, this versatile tomato will impress any guest, no matter the recipe!

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes
Create delicious masterpieces with unique, earthy flavor and inherit a rich culinary tradition.

Craft House Shishito Peppers

Craft House Collection® Shishito Peppers
A savory, bite-sized pepper with an elusive bite that ignites the senses.

Craft House Aurora Long Sweet Peppers

Craft House Collection® Aurora Long Sweet Peppers
Discover the refined flavor and rustic heritage infused in each individually crafted Aurora Long Sweet Pepper.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Sweet Bell Peppers
Explore a world of radiant color and rich sweet flavors, the adventure awaits!

Organic Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes

Organic Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes
For kids that are bursting with energy, here's the organic, bite-sized tomato that's bursting with pure, juicy flavor!

Organic Sangria Tomato Medley Tomatoes

Organic Sangria® Tomato Medley
With every color and shape, naturally brilliant flavor shines through. Mix things up at lunch and enjoy this organic medley as a fresh snack!

Organic Luna Sweet Cocktail Tomatoes

Organic Luna® Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes
Taste the rich, full flavor of an organic cocktail tomato grown for sharing with friends and family in a variety of delicious recipes.

Organic Roma Tomatoes

Organic Roma Tomatoes
No homemade pasta sauce or salsa is complete without the rich, rustic flavor of this classic tomato, grown naturally and sustainably.

Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers

Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers
Bite-sized - Big on flavor. Organic Aurora Bites are the perfect healthy snack to naturally energize your day!

Create in the kitchen

Tomatoes and peppers are great for a fresh treat on the go, but they’re also a great starting point for quick and delicious dinners, breakfasts, and apps!