Life is sweeter when your kids are happy. Megan Hutson knows all about that, and she’s made it her mission to give her kids natural, healthy snacks that make them smile. Thankfully, Megan shared with us her secret: Mini Cucumber Creamsicles. They’re a super sweet alternative to processed snacks that are also jam packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

How many times have you heard this?

I’m a mom of three toddlers, so trust me – I know. It’s important for me to have healthy, balanced snacks made up of whole foods at the ready so that when snack time comes, they can fill their bellies without a sugar crash.

all ingredients with mini cucumbers

In the last several years, peoples’ views on snacks for kids hasn’t exactly been focused on nutrition. Far too many snacks are designed to leave kids feeling hungry for more. They’re often filled with processed ingredients that can harm kids’ growing bodies and brains or completely lack any nutritional value at all.

Six years ago, I didn’t know much about vitamins and nutrients, or what a balanced meal actually looked like. But after struggling with elimination diets and food sensitivities, my passion is to help my family live and love a whole foods lifestyle – and to inspire other families to put nutrition first.

When it comes to sweet, summer snacks that kids love – like creamsicles, popsicles and ice cream – it’s a bit more difficult to keep it healthy. I live in Texas and enjoy going for morning walks with my kids, but most of the time it’s already over 80° and who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing popsicle at 9:00 am on a Tuesday morning?!

That’s why I created these Mini Cucumber Creamsicles. This recipe is packed with refreshing nutrients and have a great, sweet flavor kids love. Plus, with Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers, they’re the perfect hydrating treat that will actually keep your kids full until their next meal.

ingredients in blender

These Mini Cucumbers are high in nutrients and low in calories. I combine them with limes and spinach to make this treat rich in Vitamin C, iron and potassium, and to give these creamsicles a gorgeous green color. I use creamy coconut milk, a powerhouse healthy fat that also contains fiber, iron, and magnesium. This all helps give kids the “I’m full” feeling! Lastly, I naturally sweeten these treats with dates. Can you believe all of those vitamins and nutrients are in a creamsicle?!

Once your kids try these creamsicles, they’ll ask for them again and again – so you might as well get them to help you make them! In just 4 steps, and after a few hours in the freezer, you can have these ready to go for your family walk in this summer heat.

mini cucumber creamsicles in ice

First, put your dates in a jar and cover with hot water, letting them soak for five minutes. As your dates are soaking, get out your blender, popsicle molds and remaining ingredients: spinach, coconut milk, lime, and Mini Cucumbers.

Peel the cucumbers and squeeze the juice out of your lime. You can now strain the water from your jar of dates and add all those delicious ingredients into your blender. When all of your chunks of dates are blended in, you will know that your mixture is ready – it usually takes 30 seconds to one minute. Place in your freezer for 6 to 8 hours, or overnight. Before you know it, this grab and go snack will be ready – just in time for your next family adventure!

Are you feeling discouraged, thinking that you wish your kids would some healthier foods more often? Don’t worry, my kids don’t necessarily eat all of the foods that I serve either. I’ve learned that it’s important to continue exposing your kids to the amazing variety of vegetables that are available year-round nowadays thanks to greenhouses technology. You can do it!

To view, download or print the full recipe for these delicious Mini Cucumber Creamsicles, click here.

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