Food enthusiast and wellness focused mom, Devin Petrillo, shares how her experiences growing up in an Italian family shaped her views towards healthy living and teaching her sons about the importance of nourishing food.

Growing up in Florida, in a home with a strong Italian heritage, I learned the value of quality food from a young age. My parents encouraged us to eat fresh and non-processed foods which fueled my passion for healthy eating. I was curious to learn more about the science behind how food contributed to a healthy mind and body, which I did through studying nutrition in college. During this time, I also studied yoga and enjoyed the benefits of practicing so much that I completed the 200 hours component towards becoming a registered yoga teacher.

This was such an exciting time of change in my life as I also met my husband, Matthew. Fast forward seven years later and we’ve built a beautiful life together with two amazing children! A few years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with my son, Parker, we began the journey of finding our first home. During the search, I ranked the kitchen as the most important. My Nona Rosetta instilled in me that the focal point of any household is the kitchen. I think it was because of her influence that the kitchen began not just to be a place of food, but of conversation, knowledge and passion. A place for the family to gather on a daily basis to laugh, invent, and learn.

My husband shares this passion with me. We are practically polar opposites regarding everything else in life, but one thing we LOVE is food. I strongly believe in the importance of teaching your little ones the value of healthy eating from a young age. Since Parker started eating solids I handmade practically every baby food you can imagine.

As a family, we share our most memorable moments in the kitchen creating recipes we can all enjoy. I am forever grateful for these moments seeing my loved ones enjoying the meals we prepare for each other.

The quality of food I prepare and feed my family is so important – I’m still learning and evolving my food knowledge and love stumbling across amazing food products like I did with Pure Flavor®.

Celebrating Father’s Day is an absolute joy. It’s the one special day I get to say thank you to Matthew for really doing it all. He works extremely hard, so I can stay home with the kids. He is selfless and sacrifices so much just to make sure we are happy. I enjoy spoiling him with a good meal, love and of course some gifts.

The meal I am making for Father’s Day is Mussels with Azuca Cherry Tomatoes on-the-Vine. Matthew is a huge seafood lover – if it comes from the sea, he is happy! This recipe is delicious and simple with the quality of the ingredients being key. The Pure Flavor®, Azuca on-the-Vine Red Cherry Tomatoes really make this dish special. Their sweet and full bodied flavor pairs so nicely with the other savory ingredients.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family does and you have a wonderful Father’s Day.