Matt Mastronardi, our Executive Vice President & Partner, knows a great tomato when he tastes it. In this case, one tomato just wasn’t enough! His goal was to create the best medley possible, complete with colors, tastes, and textures of the rainbow. Our Sangria® Medley Tomatoes offer a world of possibility and a new adventure with each bite.

The colors and flavors of the Sangria® Medley Tomatoes remind us of summer drawing to a close, the departure of warmer weather, and depending on where you are located in North America, the transition to crisp fall days. Sangria® Medley Tomatoes offer the perfect shift from a pop-in-your-mouth fresh summer snack, to being included in your favorite fall recipes cooked at home. The array of flavors, from sweet to tart in the medley, makes them perfect for roasting, garnishing a pizza, or topping on a rustic fall salad. We sat down with Matt to explore all things Sangria®!

What was your goal when you created the Sangria® Medley Tomato program?

Matt: We created Sangria® so consumers could experience multiple flavors all at once in a single purchase. The tomato section is massive in the grocery store and can be somewhat overwhelming – this gives consumers the opportunity to create unique dishes, from one simple package of tomatoes, using the various colors, sizes, and flavors depending on what they are making.

How many varieties are in the Sangria® Medley?

Matt: We aim for 5-6 varieties with at least 3-4 different colors. The varieties can change so it is always an adventure in every pack. We are constantly trialing new varieties in our greenhouses to give consumers a unique eating experience. Not everything has to be red to be flavorful!

Why was each tomato selected?

Matt: Each tomato is unique, so we select them based on color, shape, and most importantly flavor. The goal is a true assortment in every pack that you pick up at your local grocery store, with lots of flavors and tastes to explore.

How do you like to eat the Sangria® Tomatoes?

Matt: Personally, I love them fresh and to grab them on the go. Whenever I bring them home my kids race to pick their favorite tomato from the pack, usually the sweeter ones! It’s like picking your favorite candy from the bowl and there is always a variety for everyone. They can be cooked, roasted, or added to a sauce but my go-to is fresh, right out of the pack. I really enjoy walking the endless rows of our greenhouses to see the different varieties come to life, so eventually seeing them in a pack is very rewarding as I know what it took for those tomatoes to get there.

Does the color of a tomato have anything to do with the taste?

Matt: Absolutely! Every tomato, whether it’s red, brown, pink, orange, yellow, or purple, has its own unique flavor and eating experience. It’s the balance of sugars & acids that create the flavor and the skin and meat of the tomato add to the crunch and overall eating experience. Varieties are consistently changing – yellow and orange tomatoes were traditionally the mildest in flavor, however, we have seen new yellow and orange varieties with some pretty impressive flavors. Yellow tomatoes are also less acidic which consumers enjoy using in different dishes.

What is the next tomato you are on the search for?

Matt: I think unique flavor attributes for sure. A snacking tomato with a great crunch but unique sweetness levels could really add to the Sangria® Medley experience. We will continue to search for tomatoes and possibly narrow down the selection in the medley so it is a go-to snack option with an abundance of flavors. If you think about it, you are really eating the rainbow!

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