Hello again, it’s Megan Hutson from @mamaofwholelittles back with another amazing recipe that is so simple, you’ll be serving it at all your holiday parties this year! For this recipe, I used Pure Flavor® Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers paired with red onion, lime juice, cilantro, and a little sea salt to make a festive Sweet Pepper Salsa.

Aurora Bites

My family uses Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers almost weekly in our home. Not only are they delicious on flatbreads, salads, or pizzas, but they’re also the perfect flavorful add in for cozy soups and chilis during these cold fall and winter months. I honestly can’t think of anything that these little sweet peppers don’t go with!

I won’t lie, any kind of pepper is still a “learning to like” food for my three toddlers, but it’s also one of the easiest to expose my kids to on a regular basis because we always have them in the fridge. With no prep required, the beautiful colors, and super crisp texture are so good paired with a variety of dips and/or dishes. They’re easy to just throw in a bowl on the dinner table to get some vegetable exposure in. I will tell you that I have several friends that have had great success getting their kids to eat these delicious mini peppers by cutting them into little rings. It’s such a simple way to change up the look and texture so that kids are exposed to them in a different way. It also opens up an invitation to play too! My kids love using them as rings on their fingers, stacking them into towers, or even making funny faces with them.

Why am I so passionate about serving these Pure Flavor® Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers to my family? Let’s talk about their nutrients! These mini peppers are filled with carotenoids (this pigment gives them their bright color, but also may help prevent certain cancers and heart disease), Vitamins A and C (these help to keep your immune system healthy), and Vitamin B6 (improves the production of brain chemicals to boost your mood). Doesn’t that sound like a food you want to include in your family’s regular diet? I think so!

I know you’re reading this wondering when I will get to the good part – the Sweet Pepper Salsa! My husband and I are absolutely in love with this salsa and we’ve been snacking on this batch all week. Similar to Pico de Gallo that is typically served with Mexican style dishes, this Sweet Pepper Salsa has the flavors that you love with just a handful of simple ingredients. What I love about using Pure Flavor® Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers versus your typical Roma tomatoes for this recipe, is the flavor and crispness they bring to the dish. Getting the sweet pepper crunch in every bite of whatever you choose to serve this with – you’re just going to love it!

Sweet Pepper Salsa Process

As a busy mama of four, I love recipes that are easy to remember. This is one of those! That makes it easy to serve up on even your busiest night, when you’ve got company for the holidays, or when you’ve forgotten your grocery list (or does that only happen to me?) For prep, you will start by chopping up a bag of Aurora Bites, half a red onion, and one bunch of fresh cilantro. I like a fine dice for the vegetables, and to get small cilantro pieces, I use a hand chopper. Once everything is chopped, mix all the vegetables together in a medium sized bowl. For the lime juice, you may use a quarter cup from a bottle that you can find in the produce section at your local grocery store, or you can squeeze the juice from two small limes. Mix the lime juice in with the little bit of sea salt and let the flavors marinate together for a couple of hours in the fridge for the best taste results!

Doesn’t that sound super easy, but also super delicious? Serve with your favorite chips. We use regular fresh corn tortilla chips from my local bakery, plantain chips, organic sweet potato crackers, and organic beet crackers. I am so excited to share this recipe with you all and I hope that you can use it to make your holiday parties just a little bit easier! Happy Holidays!

For Megan’s full Sweet Pepper Salsa recipe, click here.

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