Living a plant-based lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent years. Individuals are rethinking their food choices due to concerns about their health and the environment. Many are choosing to eat solely plant-based foods or introducing more plant-based foods into their diets since they are typically more sustainable. We believe that life is better when you Live Deliciously® and by adding whole fresh fruits and veggies to your daily routine is a great way for you to continue to fuel your best life. At Pure Flavor® we’re all about flavor when it comes to making food choices so we’ve put together some great ideas for including more plant-based foods into your diet.


The current USDA dietary guidelines recommend that people need 2,000 calories per day, which should include 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables. Don’t let this scare you – it may sound like a lot, but you can easily add more fresh items to your snacks & meals throughout the day! Stock up your fridge with fresh fruit and veggies that you can easily lay out on a platter and pair with a healthy dip when hunger strikes. The key is having fresh items on hand so that they are your go-to!

When it comes to fruit, we are thrilled to announce the launch of SolaraTM the first personal-sized melon that is sustainably grown with just the right amount of light, nutrition, and water to deliver the same sweet tastefully tropical™ flavor.  These “me melons” are the perfect size to just be sliced in half and enjoyed in seconds! It’s a satisfying treat that can be savored on its own or served alongside a colorful plate of vegetables. Snacking on whole fruits and vegetables offers several health benefits.  They are high in fibre, which keeps you full, keeps digestion regular, and has been related to lowering the risk and effect of several diseases. They also provide many essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, folate, vitamin A and C, that your body cannot create on its own, allowing you to feel your best.


Salads are another fantastic way to include more fruits and veggies into your diet while also offering a variety of textures and colors. They are suitable for eating at any time of the day or, when it comes to greenhouse grown, any season of the year! With fresh produce like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and melons it feels good to know you’re buying sustainably grown and healthy products – always look for the little logo that says Greenhouse Grown from Pure Flavor®.

There are many types of plant-based protein options that you can include in your salad like chickpeas, lentils, and black gram. Our friend Ruda Khan shared with us a yummy plant-based Black Gram and Cucumber Salad that is super simple and quick to make. If you are not familiar with black gram it is a type of bean native to the Indian subcontinent that has a surprising amount of health benefits. Paired with Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers and Beefsteak Tomatoes, this salad will help you enhance energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve skin health, and improve digestion.

If you are looking for more salad ideas check out one of our recent blogs: Crave-Worthy Salads that Go Beyond the Greens. We put together some unique and flavorful ways to create more exciting salad options!


Another fantastic alternative for getting your daily intake of veggies is one-pan meals. Whether you’re slicing a variety of vegetables for a grill tray, chopping for a skillet, or placing them on a sheet pan to bake. There are many possibilities for delicious and satisfying meals. If you are a dedicated vegan or are simply including more meatless days, we have this easy to prepare, well-rounded meal for your family. The nourishing Roasted Tofu and Veggie Bake is also a rainbow of color. Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tofu, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds are drizzled with a delicious dressing made with natural peanut butter, ginger, lime, and soy. Full of taste and high in protein making it a complete meal that’s on the table in no time!


The possibilities for living a delicious life are limitless! Even if you are not a strict vegetarian or vegan, eating more greenhouse grown produce has advantages and can help everyone live a more plant-based lifestyle.  Cut back on processed foods and create more simple dishes like snacking boards, protein-rich salads, and one-pan meals using fruits and vegetables to feel more energized and better overall. Consuming the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables helps to improve gut health, allowing you to better absorb nutrients from the food that support your immune system and reduce inflammation. If you’re not sure where to start, why not begin with something simple like Meatless Monday where you and your family can take turns coming up with plant-based meal ideas.  Make sure your fridge is always stocked with easy to grab snacking vegetables so that when hunger hits there are healthy options available. Life is better when you Live Deliciously®, and incorporating more whole plant-based foods into your daily routine is a great way to keep fueling your best life.

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