Have you ever tried labneh? If not, you are missing out! Our friend Jenan Zammar shared her recipe for Cucumber Tomato Labneh using our Mini Cucumbers and our award-winning Tomatoes On-The-Vine. It is visually stunning, full of fresh flavors and super easy to make.

Glass bowl with labneh in kitchen

Creamy, tangy, simple, and delicious.  That’s right, I’m talking about labneh.  Have you tried it?  If not, I highly suggest you do!  It’s similar to Greek yogurt but a little thicker with a slightly tangy taste.

Traditionally, labneh is made by bringing whole milk to a slight boil then stored in airtight containers in a warm area to create yogurt.  From there, it’s poured into a cheese cloth and drained for hours to remove the water.  This is a long process which takes a couple of days. Who has time for that? While the result is delicious, I’m all about quick and easy! Instead of going through this whole process, I simply buy plain yogurt from the grocery store, line a strainer with a paper towel and pour the yogurt over top and allow it to drain that way.  It’s SO much quicker, easier and tastes JUST as good!

Growing up I remember seeing a cheese cloth hanging from the kitchen faucet filled with yogurt.  My mom used to leave the bag hanging for hours while the water drained out of the yogurt which resulted in a thick and creamy spread that we enjoyed on the breakfast table quite often.  Isn’t it interesting how the simplest things can take you back to sweet memories?  It must be why I’ve continued this tradition with my children.  We love labneh in my home and I make it almost weekly. 

Cutting board with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers

The perfect accompaniment to labneh is tomatoes and cucumbers.  I mean, it’s so good with olives, zaatar and olive oil, but the tomatoes and cucumbers are a must have alongside the labneh. Pure Flavor®’s Mini Cucumbers and Tomato-On-The-Vine are staples in my kitchen, so they are always on hand.  Can you just picture it?  Crunchy cucumbers or a fruity tomato dipped into a creamy spread with a sprinkle of salt…yum!

I’m taking labneh to a whole new level this time by turning it into a loaded labneh.  Say what?!  I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself I’m getting a little carried away with my love affair with labneh, but trust me, you’re going to LOVE this!  Best of all, it takes no time to put together and is going to be a family favorite, I’m sure. 

Cucumber Labneh in bowl

Since the tomatoes and cucumbers pair so well with this spread, I turned the veggies into a salad.  I mixed tomato, cucumber, olives, zaatar and fresh mint with a little olive oil and wow!  The flavors are amazing together. It’s kind of like a Mediterranean salsa that could be enjoyed alone with some pita chips. Trust me though, you definitely want to take it to the next step and spread the salad over the labneh. Now we’re talking!!  I must tell you, when I made this for my family, it didn’t last long before the plate was wiped clean!

If you’re a fan of Greek yogurt, you’ll really enjoy this spread.  The addition of salt adds a savory touch and Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers and Tomatoes On-the-Vine give the salad a delicious crunch.  I have no doubt you’ll be making this recipe just as often as I do, and your family will thank you for it time after time.

To make this Cucumber Tomato Labneh recipe yourself, click here.

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