With Easter baskets filled with colorful grass, chocolate eggs, and bunnies, it’s no surprise that this holiday is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. But even though this day can be typically filled with sugary sweets, we’ve put together some ideas to help you incorporate healthy ideas to create a family-friendly Easter, complete with nutritious meals, to maintain your family’s healthy lifestyle.

No need to skip the Easter egg hunt – there are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter in a healthy way. Take advantage of the nicer weather for fun family activities outdoors – rather than hide candies in all the eggs on your hunt, why not fill some with sweet snacking tomatoes? Around the dining table, create new memories and nutritious recipes; especially when you add fresh greenhouse grown veggies, for a refreshing taste and a pop of color to your platter dishes! When it comes to any event or holiday, planning is key! 


One of the easiest ways to ensure you are staying on track towards your health goals during holidays is to try to make great choices with your food.  Before attending a gathering, make sure that you aren’t starving which could cause you to overindulge or eat too quickly. Start the day with high protein filled foods like eggs, accented with delicious and fresh greenhouse grown vegetables. This will help curve your cravings and avoid temptation when those sugary goodies will be at arm’s reach. Preparing nutritious breakfast dishes for you and your family with the recipes suggested below will help you not only enjoy a delicious meal together but will create a healthy start to your day.


Enjoy this Keto-friendly version of a breakfast hash complete with the protein and vegetables needed to fuel your day.


Rise and shine – this sweet and savory breakfast recipe with Bell Peppers and fresh basil is the perfect way to start the day!


You may not be able to control what food is served at your Easter gathering but offering to bring a dish will ensure that you have items that fit with your health goals. Everyone has their favourite traditional dishes and those are typically the foods that we tie to our holiday memories.

Whether you are hosting or attending a more pot-luck type of holiday, the best way to ensure you balance your plate is to prepare something that is healthy, and then rely on that for a large portion of your meal. A delicious side dish that can be enjoyed alongside traditional Easter ham is Southwestern Coleslaw, a mix that is both sweet and tangy. If you serve seafood dishes or lamb consider pairing it with this refreshing Mini Cucumber and Honeydew Salad. Why not try a new vegetable-based dish each year that can accent the traditional items in your holiday meal. 


When filling up your plate with yummy Easter type dishes, it’s ideal to make sure at least half your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables. Create some great color on your plate with the bright flavors and crunchy textures of this vegan Tomato Kale Salad! Fill your plate with a large salad first and then go up for those delicious casseroles. Balance is key with any eating occasion.

It’s always important to eat vegetables at every meal, but did you know you should eat them before you enjoy the carbs because it reduces glycation reaction. In a nutshell, glycation is a process that occurs when sugar attaches to various fibers and proteins in our body, which results in visible signs of aging.


Now, as much as we all love the food items associated with holidays, the best part of family get-togethers is spending time with those that we love.  Rather than just sweet treats, get creative and develop fun Easter theme baskets that can be filled with bubbles, chalk, sports gear, activities, and of course healthy snacks like trail mixes and Snack+ Fresh Vegetable Snacks.

We’ve put together some fun Pure Flavor® Easter Activity Sheets that are perfect for the kiddos to work on while you are prepping your meal or in case of a rainy April day.  Planning a few outdoor activities with family and friends is also good for the body and mind as you spend some time.  Have a Luna® Sweets spoon race out in the yard – it’s simple and is fun for all ages. Plan an Easter “Veggie” hunt, to get the heart pumping and create memories while filling your eggies with sweet, healthy treats.

With all the fun activities planned, don’t forget the healthy snacks! Pure Flavor® has a complete line of snack-sized veggies with tastes to suit every lifestyle and smile!