Spring has officially sprung! Are you ready for this new season filled with warmer temperatures, longer days, and fresh new recipe ideas? The term “Spring Cleaning” is often heard this time of year as we freshen up our spaces, open the windows, and start to spend more time outdoors after a long winter of being cooped up in the house. It is the time of year that everything starts to come alive again! People are enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping, seeing flowers bloom, enjoying healthy, fresh snacks and meals, and getting ready for some fun new experiences.  To help your family welcome the new season, we’ve put together 5 great ways that you can embrace Spring, eat well, and most importantly, feel great!


Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming if you think of tackling all the areas of your home – why not start with one room at a time to make it more manageable?  Many can see this as an opportunity to focus on their main living areas such as the entertainment area, living space, or the kitchen which we like to consider the heart of the home. It is great to focus on these areas first as with this nicer weather approaching, gatherings become more frequent again, so why not get cleaning off of your checklist? Open those windows, feel the breeze, crank your favorite tunes, slice up some cucumbers to add to your glass of water, and get the cleaning party started! Get yourself in the mood to clean, to feel refreshed, and get excited for what the renew season brings.  

Start by organizing and decluttering before you are ready to tackle the deep cleaning tasks like mopping, wiping down the light fixtures, or cleaning the oven. A great idea here is to set a timer for 20 minutes to simply put things away, recycle papers, or clear clutter.  In your living area or kitchen, start off by throwing out items that are now considered trash. Check the expiration dates on food items and give your fridge a good clean. Say goodbye to the winter comfort foods and make room for fresh produce. There is nothing like a clean fridge filled with vibrant and fresh #snackhealthy vegetables, that you can grab and go.  Setting up new routines for healthy eating can be another form of “Spring Cleaning” for your body.  Eating vegetables throughout the day is a healthy way to support your body’s natural detoxification process.

On that note, here are a few quick ideas you can make in a jiffy and enjoy the natural benefits of veggies in your diet! Stock up your fridge with Pure Flavor® vegetables that are sustainability grown and available 365 days a year.


A fresh new take on salsa using cucumbers and mangos for a bright, fresh flavor combination!


With crisp cucumbers, prosciutto and fresh berries; you won’t even miss the bread in this unique crostini recipe.


Marinated tomatoes soak up with savory flavor of fresh herbs in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Well, it’s nice to have cleaning off your checklist because life is full of unexpected surprises …like unexpected guests who drop by to say hello!  You will be glad that your house is tidy, your fridge is clean, and that you can whip up something healthy and delicious.

With Spring, comes warmer weather making it the perfect time to get outside, soak up the sun for some Vitamin D, and surround yourself with family and friends. Springtime entertaining provides such a renewing feeling after staying in for those colder months. Share a laugh with good company, make new memories, and of course enjoy delicious snacks or meals together. Perfect recipe ideas for Spring include tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  All three pair great with chicken and fish, as well as with fresh herbs and citrus. Add these exciting spring recipes to try out for your next get-together or dinner party.


Citrus infused salmon, grilled on a cedar plank, and served with fresh tomato and peach salsa.


A fresh, healthy and delicious dinner that comes together in less than 30 minutes!


Chicken breast seasoned with garlic and lemon over creamy cucumber, yogurt sauce with roasted tomatoes.


For the first time this year, you can start to take your meals or snacks outdoors, weather permitting of course! Take advantage of the sunny spring days and light up the grill, enjoy a beverage to sip in the sun and serve dinner on the deck. Better yet, why not surprise the family with a picnic in the park! Going on a picnic with fresh spring salads or healthy snacks like Mini Munchies® Snack Packs or Snack+ is a fun way to be outside and still enjoy healthy foods. Try something totally new –  enjoy the simplicity of eating breakfast in your backyard to start your day on the right foot. Simplicity is key with these recipes we’ve put together so you can have fun eating outdoors.


Bright lemon flavors paired with crisp cucumbers, sweet tomatoes, and quinoa make for the perfect light lunch or side dish!


Chicken and veggies are marinated using ranch and balsamic. Simple and delicious and perfectly portable.


Take this grab-and-go breakfast wrap outdoors this spring to enjoy the sunny weather.


With Spring comes a sense of adventure and what’s more fun than creating new experiences to add to your memory bank. After those long winter months of being cooped up, road trips for a few days or even just casual day trips are great in the Spring. Checking out local guides and tourism sites is great to get ideas on what to do close to home. Creating new experiences is a great way to Live Deliciously® and best to do it with snacks! Yes, snacks! And probably more snacks if you’ve got little ones! Pack up a Bento Box for kids, sandwiches, wraps, and of course the best veggies with dip. No matter the season there are so many great ways to enjoy greenhouse grown veggies.  Check out these great ideas:


Taste all the colors of the rainbow in this sandwich that is stacked high with veggies – tastes like Spring but perfect any time of year!


This unique, crunchy, creamy and crave-worthy recipe is perfect for meal prep! It’s full of healthy nutrients and loaded with flavors the whole family will love.


Talk about a tasty pair! With these light and crisp mini cucumbers, this dip has all the yummy, savory flavors your taste buds are craving!


You may be starting to sense a theme in the messaging here but we think the best way to enjoy this new season is to eat well and to GET OUTDOORS! Enjoy that fresh Spring air. Go on a hike and explore a new trail in your neighborhood, take the family to the park to play, or pump up the tires and go for a bike ride through town.  No matter what adventure seems most exciting to you and your crew, it’s always important to stay fueled and stay hydrated.  Did you know that our cucumbers are 95% water?? This makes them the ultimate adventure companion! Pack a water bottle, and ensure you’ve got some hydrating snacks like Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers, or our 3 Sweet Snacking Tomatoes.

By now you can probably tell we are excited for Spring, and we hope that these ideas also inspire you to Live Deliciously® this season! You can rely on fresh, sustainable greenhouse grown vegetables any time of the year but it sure is nice having them as part of your daily life this spring season. Whether it be on an adventure, packed in your picnic, or entertaining at home, these healthy and delicious recipes are great ways to incorporate more fresh vegetables into your daily life.  It’s the perfect time of year to clean your routines and recipe plans – in addition to the fridge and the floors!  We hope your Spring is filled with memorable experiences and, of course fresh, nutritious meals and snacks!

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