Staying fit and eating mindfully during the cooler months of the year is often a struggle for many and as a result, it is not uncommon to pack on some winter “hibernation” pounds or find our energy level has dropped. Doing simple exercises daily, paired with eating well, and staying hydrated, can make all the difference in how you feel. There are many healthy foods and fresh vegetables that that you can enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle, but let’s explore the power of Cucumbers — they are mightier than you think!

Before we ‘wow’ you on how amazing cucumbers are, it is important to highlight that both what we eat, and physical activity, are essential to be happy and healthy. Adding in vegetables will assist with proper body function and hydration. It is vital to stay active even when we’re spending more time indoors during the winter season. That said, getting fit does not only mean running a marathon on a treadmill everyday or taking up an extreme cross-fit training regime. Honestly, just 30 minutes per day of movement and getting your blood pumping will greatly improve your overall health.

Exercise doesn’t have to be torturous to keep yourself healthy. There are plenty of fun, simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home without having to use expensive equipment. Check out these Quick Morning Workouts that you can do at home. Making time for yoga stretches, body weight exercises like planking or squats, and aerobic exercises will do the trick. If you have access to a kettlebell or dumbbell you can also give these Five Exercises to Torch Calories a try! Why not reel in a friend or family member to take part with you? Having that accountability will be empowering and motivating, and can make this new routine even more fun.

The other side to being healthy and keeping fit relates to what you are eating. This is arguably even more effective to improving health than exercise alone. The food we eat is supposed to serve as fuel to get us through our day as it is the source of nutrients our bodies need to function properly. The more unhealthy foods we eat, the less our bodies function as intended. So, it’s important to be mindful and intentional about what we feed our bodies. Experts say the optimal amount of vegetable portions per day is at least 5 servings. There is along list of healthy veggie options but let’s focus on cucumbers. They are crisp, full of flavor, and super hydrating which makes them a great and easy choice to include in your daily diet.


We don’t usually associate cucumbers with breakfast meals, but since it’s the most important meal of the day why not add in extra vegetables to start the day off on the right foot. It’s a simple (and delicious) way to kick start your energy and keep you feeling satisfied for longer, and continue to make good choices at the meals to follow.

One simple and delicious way to include Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers in your breakfast or mid-morning snack is with smoothie bowls. At first thought, it might seem odd to mix cucumbers with sweet fruits, but rest assured, the flavors work very well together. Give this Cucumber Mango Smoothie Bowl recipe a try and you will not be disappointed. It’s quick and easy to make and it’s packed full of nutritional goodness. And not to mention, this recipe will bring out your creativity as it will look like a work of art once you finish topping your bowl.

By starting your day with a nutritious meal, will help to improve your concentration, memory, and give a boost to your metabolism.


Sometimes it’s hard to include veggies in every single meal, so blending cucumbers and other veggies into a juice or smoothie is a great way to reap those benefits. Drinking your veggies is a refreshing alternative to get your recommended daily intake of vegetables and increase your hydration. Plus it’s a simple way to take your veggies on-the-go with you if you have an a busy schedule. Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you energized and will make you feel satisfied – sometimes our body thinks we are hungry but in reality we may actually be dehydrated. Drinking water and snacking on cucumbers, that are 95% water, will keep you hydrated and will also help remove toxins in the body, and digestive system.

This Mean Green Smoothie takes only 5 minutes to prepare and it’s the perfect snack. It’s refreshing, full of flavour and the most important aspect is that is packed with nutrients. Using Long English Cucumbers, banana and fresh ginger, this portable snack is filled with flavor too! Incorporating enough vegetables into your diet is an important part of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. They provide a source of many nutrients that are vital for good health, energy, and also assist with recovery during and after exercise. This smoothie is perfect after a workout or yoga class.


The human body is made up of more than 75% water, so it goes without saying that it is crucial to stay hydrated. Cucumbers are made up of more than 95% water making them perfect for filling up your belly and hydrating you at the same time! Cucumbers are packed with vitamins and nutrients you need to live healthy. If you’re looking for ways to lower your stress, eat cucumbers regularly. They contain multiple vitamin B, which is known to help ease the most common effects of anxiety and stress. Cucumbers contain other minerals like potassium, which helps your heart and muscles work properly, and Vitamin K, an essential nutrient for building strong bones and more.

If you think all cucumbers are the same, think again! There’s a Pure Flavor® Cucumber for every recipe or snack. We understand that people like options, so we’ve put in the effort to thoughtfully craft varieties of cucumbers that are second to none. From Long to Nano and every size in between, we grow a variety of cucumbers so you can enjoy the flavor you love with the convenience you need. Small snacking cucumbers make a quick healthy snack that kids love while larger cucumbers are the perfect salad topping. Explore all the types of cucumbers we grow.

At Pure Flavor®, our dedicated family of growers achieve the most flavorful, fresh, and crisp cucumbers through our sustainable growing process, from start to finish. By utilizing next-generation technology, climate-controlled systems, closed loop irrigation and recycled growing mediums, we consistently bring you only the best flavors and quality all year-round. One of the best growing features of all, is our cucumbers are 100% non-GMO verified, so every Pure Flavor variety contains optimal nutrients to help power your body.

Now that you know how awesome cucumbers are for overall health, we’ve put together some of our favorite recipes so that you can work them into your daily diet. Cucumbers pair easily with many other flavors which makes them perfect for cooking and snacking. As mentioned, there is a Pure Flavor® cucumber for everyone. Based on our variety of cucumbers, we’ve paired some ideas and recipes to help inspire and motivate you to start experiencing the power of cucumbers.


Long English Cucumbers
Because of how versatile these are, there’s many recipes to choose from. Try rolling them up in these healthy wraps.

Vegetarian Rice Wraps are not only healthy and delicious, but they also have visual appeal. This finger food fits a wide range of diet needs without sacrificing any flavor. You’ll be sure to impress when serving these at your next dinner party.

Learn more about Long English Cucumbers here.

Gourmet Mini Cucumbers
Packed with nutrition and flavor, our mini cucumbers make a fantastic addition to a variety of dishes. Add some crispness to your next meal with these refreshing cucumbers.

Summer Roll In A Bowl is a fresh dish that you’ll look forward to eating again and again. It combines fresh cucumber chunks and herbs served over warm noodles and peanut sauce makes for a healthy, tasty, well-rounded meal.

Learn more about Gourmet Mini Cucumbers here.

Poco Bites®Cocktail Cucumbers
Whether you’re on the go, snacking in front of a movie, or creating your next dinnertime masterpiece, you’ll discover these cucumbers are the winner every time.

Mango Jalapeno Cucumber Salsa approaches salsa dip with a unique combination of flavors. This recipe adds vibrance and refreshment to whatever food you top it with. You’ll find people asking if there’s more, because the salsa is already gone.

Learn more about Poco Bites®Cocktail Cucumbers here.

Uno BitesTMNano Cucumbers
These cucumbers are suited for snacking on the go and eating with dips like hummus and tzatziki sauce. But, try switching it up by including these cucumbers in a meal recipe. TM

Cucumber Butternut Squash Salad is a delightfully tasty and filling salad. Mixing fruit, vegetables and nuts together makes for a filling salad loaded with nutrients. Despite the variety of ingredients, you’ll quickly notice these cucumbers will stand out among them all.

Learn more about Uno BitesTMNano Cucumbers here.

So as you can see, there are many ways to ensure that you are getting enough vegetables and nutrients in your meals to help fuel your body! Hydration is key to energy and regulating hungers so pay proper attention to the amount of water you are drinking through the day – adding in cucumbers will definitely help ensure your water intake is up to par! The best part of greenhouse grown vegetables is that they are available all year round so you never have to sacrifice choosing healthy, sustainably grown options.

Make sure to start your day off on the right foot with a nutritious breakfast and set time aside each day to incorporate some physical activity. Start small with some yoga stretching to start the day or a walk around the block after dinner – get your heart pumping and your body moving. Try out some simple, all-levels body weight movements like squats or plank and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time!. With these tips and a positive outlook you’ll be all set to start living a healthier life. If you’re feeling healthier, you’ll likely be feeling happier—all because of cucumber power! Pure Flavor® Cucumbers really are the perfect light, refreshing, crunchy feel-good food for your mind, body, and lifestyle.

To learn more about the many cucumber varieties we grow and how we grow them, check out our Cucumber Facts From A-Z.

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