With shorter days and a chill in the air, there is no better time to enjoy time at home with the family. Curl up on the couch to watch holiday movies, cook up some fun and healthy meals together, and enjoy extra time with the kids. As we get ready to start a fresh new year, the Holidays are the perfect opportunity to slow down and spend some time together.

With time off school for winter break, spending some quality time together between holidays is a great opportunity for family members to reconnect.  However, this doesn’t have to mean listening to everyone saying “I’m bored” – plan a holiday movie marathon, a family cookout or other fun activities to keep everyone happy. 

Curl Up On The Couch

Family snacking in the couch

Grab some extra pillows, blankets, and a bowl of fresh, healthy snacks and curl up on the couch with your loved ones to watch a holiday themed movie!

While you do want to limit time in front of the TV over winter break, an afternoon or evening mini movie marathon can be fun for everyone! Make sure to check out our Movie Snacks suggestions to find out the perfect thing to pair with your film of choice!. If sports are more your family’s choice, time spent watching the World Junior Hockey Championships is another way to relax together. 

Get everyone involved in the planning.  Find your favorite films or create a list of new movies that you want to watch – write each on a slip of paper and put in a bowl to choose from.  The luck of the draw makes it fair and fun! Once you’ve decided on what will play, an important next step is to get your favorite healthy snacks.  Serve up some Mini Cheeseburger Bites or make a Mini Munchies® Snack Board with your family’s favorite vegetables that can easily be enjoyed from the comfort of the couch. 

The Family That Cooks Together

Preparing your next meal all together is a great way for your family to not only spend time together creating something delicious, but also a chance to work together as a team and develop new skills.

Family cooking in the kitchen

Let go of the need for a clean kitchen and get everyone involved.  The reality is that most days we are busy with work, school, activities, and homework, so having extra time over the Holidays is the perfect chance to try something new and connect with each other.  Kids can learn skills like how to follow a recipe, measurements, and cooking techniques – plus, kitchen clean up! 

While many of the large holiday meals may include some treats, incorporating fresh vegetables into your meals and snacks will provide much needed nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Incorporating fresh vegetables into every meal is easy to do!  Start with something simple and make family cooking night something to look forward to going into the new year! Why not try a Roasted Tomato Pizza, a Sweet Potato Pizza or a Sangria® Medley Flatbread and make Friday nights the new pizza night in your house!

Create a Healthy & Fun Vacation

While downtime over the Holidays is welcomed, make sure it doesn’t solely exist of playing video games or sitting in front of the computer screen. This is a great opportunity to try something out of your family’s comfort zone.  Some of my favorite tips are:

Spend Time Outside– Winter hikes, tobogganing or even snowball fights can be a lot of fun for everyone in the family.  Make sure everyone is dressed in layers and with warm footwear before heading outside.  Take along some fun, healthy snacks like Mini Pepper Pizzas and lots of water to enjoy throughout the day. 

Explore the Library– Choose your own adventure with a trip to the local library and let everyone pick out a few books of choice to keep them occupied over the break from school.  Or why not pick a topic and have everyone write their own short story that can be shared with the family. 

Loaded Waffle Fries

Create an Adventure– Maybe it’s a winter picnic, a hike in the woods after a fresh snowfall or setting up camp in the family room for the night – complete with sleeping bags!  If you have an outside fire pit, bundle up and enjoy the crisp air with hot cocoa and veggie-filled snacks like these fun Loaded Waffle Fries.  Try something out of the ordinary for your family and it may just become one of your favorite new traditions.

Check Out Local Festivals– Explore your local holiday festivals, carnivals, and light shows as a family.  Many extend into January so that you will have plenty of time to enjoy while the kids are off school.  Bundle up and get ready for some fun!

Most importantly, remember that it doesn’t have to be an extravagant vacation to still be fun for the whole family. Healthy meals, time together, and fun new adventures are the perfect combination to beat the winter break blues!

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