It’s 2022 and some have made New Year’s resolutions to eat a healthier diet. Well, there’s nothing healthier than fresh veggies! Finding new ways of incorporating vegetables into your meals doesn’t have to be difficult. Trying new types of cuisines is an excellent way to break the boredom of cooking up the same old vegetables! Our friend Varsha from @varsha679 sent us her recipe for Tomato Kachumber that has authentic Indian flavors and is loaded with fresh veggies.

When you think of Indian cuisine, you may not necessarily think about salad, however, if you take a deep dive into the history of Indian food, both vegetarian dishes as well as salads have been an integral part of their heritage.  Historically, no feast in Northern India was complete without Kachumber!

If you’ve never heard of kachumber, you need to add it to your list of must try dishes. The Hindi word translated into English literally means a hodgepodge or mix of things. That certainly can describe this salad because the ingredients and spices mixed together can be easily customized to complement the dishes it is being served alongside.

While the ingredients can change from salad to salad, two ingredients are most prevalent in every kachumber salad: tomatoes and cucumbers. Varsha’s version is a simple to create cucumber and tomato salad, but there’s nothing simple about the flavors that go into it. It’s often served as a side for larger meals, but it can easily be put out as a snack or appetizer. Sometimes called Indian relish, it is often used as a condiment too!  It’s also comparable to a pico de gallo, due to similar ingredients and usage. 

This dish is popular in India because it’s quick and easy to make, plus the ingredients are easy to find. You can swap out herbs or add in a mix of masalas, like chaat masala with its dried mango powder, ginger, or fresh mint for a blast of different flavors.


Tomatoes: Varsha used our Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes for her recipe. These small bursts of candy-like sweetness perfectly complement the other flavors in the salad. These snackable tomatoes are full of important vitamins and nutrients!  They are high in Vitamins A and C which help to protect against infections by keeping your immune system healthy. Plus, tomatoes contain lycopene which has been associated with a reduction in cardiovascular disease and has been proven to prevent certain types of cancers.

Cucumbers: In addition to our Juno® Bites, Varsha also used our Mini Cucumbers. Not only are they super tasty and extra crunchy, but they also provide a boost of hydration! Cucumbers contain over 95% water, which is crucial to the body’s proper performance. They also have Vitamin K, which helps with bone health, cognitive functioning, and heart health.

Red Onion: Full of antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, scientists have linked onions with multiple health benefits.

Fresh Dill: This flavorful herb has a bioactive ingredient called Eugenol that can help alleviate blood sugar levels.

Fresh Cilantro: Also known as coriander, this herb is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.

Peanuts: Rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrates, peanuts are a good source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber!

Coconut: The meat of a coconut contains a large amount of medium chain triglycerides (also known as MCTs) that are often associated with fat burning and increased endurance.

Lemon: Not only do lemons contain a significant amount of Vitamin C, but they also can help aid in digestion.

Fresh Mint: Mint has been linked with reducing pain and stomach upset due to the anti-spasmodic effects of the chemical compound menthol.


Once you have all your ingredients gathered, this salad will only take you about ten minutes to prepare! First you will chop up all the veggies and fresh herbs, then put them into a salad bowl. Add some salt and pepper to taste, plus the fresh lemon juice and toss the mixture well. To finish it off, add in the peanuts and coconut, then garnish with the mint leaves. It’s really that simple!

Exploring with new cuisines and flavors with healthy vegetables is a great way to start 2022 off on the right foot. This Tomato Kachumber is an easy and delicious salad to help with your New Year’s goals to eat healthier and incorporate new recipes to your daily routine.

For Varsha’s full Tomato Kachumber recipe, click here.

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