The chants of “Mini Munchies……. Mini Munchies……Mini Munchies” this holiday season breathed incredible fresh air (it’s chilly outside here in Canada!) in to our Adopt-A-School Program!

We took the opportunity to follow Bernard & his team of Santa’s little helpers who before heading back to Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole, made one last stop not far from the greenhouse at Centennial Central Public School. Centennial Central is part of Pure Flavor®’s popular Adopt-A-School Program that receives fresh veggies snacks every week. The students were super excited to see (and snack on Mini Munchies!) Bernard & his team stop by!

With the Mini Munchie trailer in tow, the Elves had an immediate impact at the school when case upon case of Mini Munchies was unloaded at the school.

“Wow, kids really do love Mini Munchies! The team and I loved being a part of the Centennial Central Holiday Lunch by spreading a little holiday cheer with Mini Munchies”

Bernard, Head Elf, The North Pole

While the team of Elves was swarmed by students from Kindergarten to Grade 8, teachers & parents in attendance were amazed how excited the kids were to be getting fresh veggies snacks. Bernard & his team could not distribute the Mini Munchie Snack Packs fast enough to the hundreds of kids who were waiting, it was complete chaos!

Fueling healthy kids with fresh vegetables is key to helping grow active minds. With additional partner schools in southwestern Ontario, Georgia & Texas, Pure Flavor® distributes thousands of portions each week throughout the school year to ensure kids of all ages have access to greenhouse grown vegetables.

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“The Adopt-A-School Program gives us an opportunity to give back to the communities where we grow/distribute our greenhouse vegetables. Reaching kids at a young age with veggie snacks is key to helping grow a lifelong habit of a well-balanced, healthy diet”, said Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer. The Pure Flavor® Adopt-A-School Program provides weekly donations of fresh vegetables to partner schools to use in their snack and related meal programs throughout the school year.

While Santa embarks on busy trip around the world tonight, we hope that he has a few packs of Mini Munchies on his sleigh, they are the perfect on the go snack!

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Merry Christmas to all!