Holidays are usually a time to get together with family, friends, and eat delicious dinners, but we can also enjoy a nutritious breakfast full of flavor. Breakfast helps to shape the morning and eating a well-balanced diet fuels your body for the day. Your breakfast should be two things: nourishing and sustaining.

Healthy Holiday Breakfast

I’ve always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a healthy breakfast is key to start the day off right and fuel our bodies to go through busy days, especially during the holidays.

There are some important benefits when it comes to choosing the right food to nourish your body and start your day. By having a healthy breakfast, you can improve your concentration and memory. Having an empty stomach can make it hard to focus during the day.

When it comes to choosing your breakfast, it’s very important to consider adding a combination of macronutrients; this means a good mix of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.  This mixture will have a long-term impact on your energy levels during the whole day. Remember – coffee is not breakfast! You should start your day with an actual nutritious and filling breakfast!

Making small changes can make your breakfast healthier and help to fuel your body for the day ahead. Here are a few quick tips that you can follow this season to make sure you are having a healthy breakfast:

Easy Breakfast Tips

Be mindful of your portion sizes- It’s easy to go over your recommended serving sizes, especially if you have friends and family coming over for breakfast this time of the year. Try to make healthier choices and take your time to listen to your body so that you feel when you are satisfied or when you are hungry.

Include protein- One of the best benefits for the body is to consume a serving of protein in the morning because it is digested slowly, it gives you a lot of energy, and it helps maintain a satiety state for longer. This also helps us to stay away from junk food. Eggs are a great way to include protein in your breakfast, plus you can make them in so many ways! We have a few recipes you can try like: Tomato & Cheese Quiche,  Holiday Breakfast Skillet., Sheet Pan Breakfast Sandwiches and Mini Pepper Egg Bites.

Holiday Skillet

Avoid processed foods– If you are on the run it is common to replace a whole breakfast with snacking bars. This type of food is not exactly the best option. They are made primary from artificial ingredients, and they tend to be highly processed. This type of quick snacks doesn’t provide enough nutrients and won’t keep us satisfied for a long time.

Take your time- The holiday season is usually full of busy days and commitments. Sometimes you might even forget to have breakfast and end up eating on your way to work or home. Try not to eat on the run – find a moment to relax and enjoy your meal. Bring your attention to what you are eating and focus on carefully chewing every bite of your breakfast. This will help improve your digestion and you will be practicing mindful eating as well.

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