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We understand that the world today is filled with temptations that too often allow us to take the easy way out. As growers of delicious, fresh vegetables, we are passionate about eating right and proper self-care. We know it’s difficult to stay motivated, set achievable goals and work through it to actually see results.

A lot of people take a “new year, new me” approach to starting a new year fresh. On that same note, a lot of people fall off the wagon pretty soon after starting due to lack motivation, frustration or excitement burning out.  

We sat down with local fitness trainer Amy Howe of Howe Fit to get some advice on how to crush the goals we set and taking ourselves back, regardless of the time of year:

Everyone is on point for the first three weeks of the year and then it starts to taper off. By February or March, all of those good intentions have likely been put on the back burner because of commitments and all-around busy day-to-day lives.

Here are 5 things that you can use to hit the reset button on your goals.

  • Set realistic and specific goals

Sometimes people set unrealistic goals with a time limit. Instead of saying “this year I’m losing 100 lbs”, break it down to each week. Having too hefty of goals can emotionally drain you when the scale is not meeting those “reality show” expectations. I recommend setting a straight forward specific goal like – “Each week I want to lose 2lbs”. That is a goal you can crush weekly and be proud of.

  • Find a gym, studio or team that keeps you accountable

Having a fitness facility that knows you are there and makes that personal connection will make all the difference. If you’re already a member somewhere find out if there are classes or book in with personal trainer. Having someone that is checking in on your goals is going to help you reach those gains.

  • Simple Diet Changes

Overhauling your diet takes a commitment that most struggle with. Breaking it down to a simple level:

For example:

– “For two weeks I will make sure I hit my daily amounts of fresh vegetables.”

– “I will juice my vegetables each morning so I start my day off running.”

– “I will only eat from food suppliers I trust and know the quality of ingredients.”

– “I will fill out my food journal for “x” number of days and commit to those days.”

– “I will drink “x” number of litres per day and make sure I do so by…”

Taking it one step at a time will allow you to create a healthy lifestyle you can live with long term and not feel overwhelmed and bogged down with drastic diet plans. Small steps are sustainable, large leaps cause relapse or lead to becoming unmotivated quickly.

I also can not stress how important knowing that your produce and food you eat is fresh and of the best quality. You will see the muscle gains or fat loss when you start treating your body right and that begins with what we fuel it with.

  • Stop stressing over bad days

We all have them, staff lunch outings, birthdays, vacations. It’s life and as much as we want to be perfect those so-called “bad” days are going to happen. Each day is a fresh start, you make sure you hit the gym, stick with your plan, and touch base with your trainer or coach. Be honest about the bad day or days and get back at it. No one gains 5 lbs in a day but repeating the pattern over and over again will stop you from reaching any goal. Remember a slip is not a fall if you don’t let it be.

  • Have fun!

Laugh, sweat and smile. Be proud of the messy workout hair!! If you hate running, don’t force yourself to run a half marathon. If you like dancing and music, try a dance class or even a spin class. The options are so many you are bound to find something you enjoy and will stick to. Fun will become a habit before you know it and you will wonder why you hadn’t started sooner.

Amy Howe Fitness Class

Final thoughts:

Most importantly, allow yourself to be a priority in your own life. Treat yourself well by staying active and eating healthy and sustainable foods like fresh vegetables and fruits and look forward to the results that will come – they won’t come overnight but with repetition, effort becomes habit. If you can commit to yourself to stick it out a little longer, those habits will become a part of your daily routine without a second thought. As you progress, you’ll notice that the changes in your motivation, attitude and thought process are just as important as the physical advancements you’re seeing.


Amy is the owner of Howe Fit in Kingsville, Ontario. She personally trains members to work towards being in the best shape of their lives through fitness and personal nutrition. You can learn more about Amy and Howe Fit at www.howefit.ca.