2022 was a great year all around, and as it comes to an end we’re looking back at our most popular recipes and blogs for you to enjoy. We dug deep through the past year to provide you with important information & fresh new recipes to help you Live Deliciously® by incorporating more greenhouse grown fruits & veggies into your life. Here’s what blogs and recipes were trending from us at Pure Flavor® over the past twelve months.

As we entered 2022 there was no doubt that health & wellness were top of everyone’s mind! We know that taking care of your health is important, so we strive to make it easier for you and inspire you to use more freshness in your everyday life. Over this past year, we created 300+ new recipes using fresh fruits & vegetables and over 100 blogs to help you live your healthiest life. Throughout the year our readers loved exploring our tips on how to help them Live Deliciously® and tried out many fresh new recipes. If incorporating more greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables is a goal of yours for 2023, we want to help you get inspired! Here are our Top 5 Recipes and Top 3 Blogs that were trending from Pure Flavor® over this past year. We hope you enjoy them!

Pure Flavor’s® Top 5 Recipes of 2022 –

In 2022, we created hundreds of new recipes in the Pure Flavor® kitchen – everything from appetizers, salads, and main dishes, to desserts and more!  These Top 5 Recipes were our most popular recipes of the year. Each one is full of fresh greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables and loads of flavor. Let’s dive into the Top 5 Recipes that you loved the most:


Couldn’t we all use a little bit more sunshine right about now? This Sunshine Pasta Salad from our friend @a_toastedcrumb uses Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers, sweet corn, and feta with a delicious lemony dressing for a perfect pasta salad. It is refreshing, crunchy, and super nutritious.


This Sausage and Mini Pepper Frittata from our friend @lynnswayoflife is the perfect weekend brunch or breakfast recipe. Fluffy eggs, savory sausage, and Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers come together perfectly in this delicious and easy-to-make frittata. It can be pulled together in under 20 minutes, with only 6 ingredients.


This reinvented BLT chicken is packed with your favorites – Cloud 9® Bite Sized Fruity Tomatoes, crispy bacon, and juicy chicken, all cooked in a creamy sauce. This Creamy BLT Chicken can be made in one skillet…who doesn’t love a one-pan meal?


This Melon Prosciutto Salad is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. With juicy, sweet Solara™ Mini Melons, salty prosciutto, and creamy bocconcini, this salad is simple to make but the flavors are complex and delightful.


This Sweet Blooms™ Bruschetta recipe pairs Sweet Blooms™ Strawberries, goat cheese, honey, and mint, on a crispy crostini making for the perfect sweet and savory snack or starter. Greenhouse grown berries make this dish something you can enjoy year-round!

Pure Flavor®’s Top Blogs Of 2022

Over the past year, our blogs touched on topics that we hoped would inspire our readers to Live Deliciously® and incorporate more fresh, greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables into their daily lives. From stories that detailed how to make specific recipes, to content that helped explain the various health benefits of our products, our Top 3 Blogs are just a snapshot of the stories we were proud to tell in order to help our readers live a healthy, active lifestyle and incorporate more fresh into their meals and snacks. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 Blogs from this past year:

Allergen-Free Snacks and Meals

Food allergies and/or intolerances have increased over the past decade. Many who are dealing with food allergies or intolerances can be fearful to try new dishes or eat outside of their homes. There are many allergen-free meals and snacks that can be made with greenhouse grown fruit & veggies that are safe, healthy, and most importantly, tasty. It’s always a good idea to keep food allergies or intolerances in mind when meal planning and we’re here to help!

Out Of The Box Cucumber Ideas

As much as everyone has their favorite tried-and-true desserts, our friend Caeli-Rose from @happierinthekitchen shared this unique recipe for Cucumber Lime Cheesecake Bars with us in her blog about thinking outside the box for dessert ideas. Using Mini Cucumbers, this recipe will help you create something outside the box that the whole family will love! Take them to your next gathering and WOW everyone with this unique and delicious combination.

Healthy Salads For Entertaining

There really is nothing better than pairing fresh greenhouse grown veggies with whole ingredients to create delicious colorful salads that your whole family will love.

In this blog, we put together five uniquely flavored salads that we hope find their way to your tables in Healthy Spring Salads for Entertaining! They are perfect for any meal – from brunch to dinner, or as a new addition to your lunchbox lineup!


If you haven’t tried these Top 5 Recipes, or read these favorite Top 3 Blogs yet, now is the time! As we get ready to ring in 2023, we’re looking forward to sharing more ideas and creating delicious new recipes for you to try from the Pure Flavor® kitchen. We strive to keep our hands on the pulse of food trends and provide you with healthy living tips & information to ensure you Live Deliciously® with greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables all year!

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