When life gets busy, fitting in a workout can be a challenge to schedule in but it doesn’t have to be. You might think you need to spend more than 30 minutes doing a certain type of exercise or that specific equipment is needed to exercise effectively and reach your fitness goals. The truth is – quick workouts are enough to get results and most importantly to stay in shape, both physically and mentally.

Finding the time to exercise can sometimes be a challenge, we all have other commitments and daily tasks that pull us in multiple directions (kids, family, work, friends!). When we have a busy day ahead, working out can drop to the bottom of our priority list and we end up canceling a class, skipping the gym, or we can’t find a good place to exercise. The good news is that you can see meaningful benefits with short workouts, I’m going to share with you a super effective 10 minute morning workout that everyone can find the time for!

Adding more movement into your routine can make a big difference. The benefits of starting your day with physical activity are endless; you will have higher energy levels, a positive mood, more focus, sleep better, and most importantly you will be taking care of your physical and mental health. 

One of the greatest discoveries during my fitness journey was that I could have all those benefits by working out in an outdoor setting. There’s nothing better than getting your exercise in surrounded by nature and soaking up Vitamin D in the morning. Look for a park that is close to your home or work to keep it convenient and find a place that makes you happy to be outdoors. You can even find outdoor gym equipment in some parks with instructions and ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine, it’s like finding your own personal outdoor gym (and trainer!)!

Woman seated eating post workout snack in park

Now that you’ve scheduled 10 minutes of your day and have found your ideal workout spot. you are almost ready to go! Just make sure to bring a snack with you, I recommend grabbing a pack of Pure Flavor Poco Bites® – Cocktail Cucumbers, the perfect ready-to-go option if you are looking for a quick and refreshing post-workout snack. Cucumbers are a good source of Vitamin K, an essential nutrient needed for building strong bones and preventing fractures so that you can stay active.

It’s very important to drink water and keep hydrated during all types of physical activity to replace the fluids you lose when you sweat. The extremely high-water content of a cucumber (95%!) makes them an ideal food to add into your diet to keep you hydrated.

Let’s begin!

Set your timer for 10 minutes, repeat the circuit as many times as possible.

You can do it! GO! GO! GO!

Squats –

This movement mainly activates your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It can be done anywhere with no equipment, improves balance, and helps prevent injuries. 

Make sure you stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, looking ahead slowly bend your knees and send your hips back and down so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Repeat 20 times.

woman doing a squat in park

Lunges –

Lunges help building leg muscles. They target each leg for more stability and balance. Keeping your torso straight take a big step back, engage your core as you bend your knees lowering your body towards the floor, keep an eye on your front knee and make sure it never passes your big toe! Repeat 15 times each side.

Woman doing a lunge in park

Push Up’s –

Push Up’s can be one of the best upper body exercises you can perform with only your body weight! Get in a push-up position (you can keep your knees down if you are a beginner) your hands should be shoulder-width apart, lower your body keeping your elbows close to your body, and your lower back flat. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you come up. Repeat 12 times.

Woman doing a tricep push up in park

Crunches –

This low impact move defines and helps build abdominal strength. Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees keeping your lower back flat on the floor. With your fingertips on the back of your ears, lift your head & shoulder blades from the floor (or ground depending where you are) keeping your elbows open. Exhale as you lift and exhale as you lower. Repeat 20 times.

Woman doing crunches in a park

Tricep Dips –

This bodyweight exercise can be very effective if you want to activate your tricep muscles and tone your upper arm muscles. Seated with your knees bent and feet on the floor (or ground depending where you are), place your hands behind you with your fingertips facing your hips, bend elbows and then press up. Repeat 15 times.

Woman doing tricep dips in park

Mountain Climbers –

Increase you heart rate up with this very simple cardio exercise, both your upper & lower muscles are involved in this effective movement. Get in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders with your feet hip-distance apart, run as fast as you can driving knees towards your chest. Repeat 15 each side.

Woman doing mountain climbers in park

Quick, simple, easy to follow – all in 10 minutes to get your heart rate pumping and your day off on the right foot! Don’t forget to stretch after your workout, it’s very important to relax and recover your muscles as well as decrease muscle stiffness and reduce any risk of injury. Simple stretching improves your overall body performance and trust me – your body will thank you tomorrow!

The more you move your body each day, the better you will feel. Finding time for this type of full body, morning workout delivers so many great benefits you can achieve in just 10 minutes to energize you for the rest of the day!

Stay healthy and get fit!