With just five weeks until the Holidays, Thanksgiving is finally here! It’s time for gobbling up delicious comfort foods (the list can be lengthy, insert yours here: _____ ) with family & friends and for cheering on your favorite football team as they vie for a spot in the playoffs and ultimately Super Bowl LIV.

There is so much to be thankful for each year, one day just doesn’t seem like enough time to celebrate it all. As a national holiday, everyone can enjoy the break, spend time with family, enjoy great food, but also get ready to hit the stores (or online!) for those Black Friday deals! Thanksgiving can be overwhelming, but with a few fun tricks up your sleeve, you can keep it light, fun, and healthy for everyone.

Toast with a coffee

#1. Start with a healthy, veggie-packed breakfast.

Tackle your to-do’s early and spend more time with family this Thanksgiving with a healthy and energizing wake up snack. The easiest way to prepare for the marathon that’s ahead is to eat a light breakfast loaded with healthy veggies full of fresh flavors. Simply spread a smashed Avocado or premade Guacamole on toast and top with sliced Pure Flavor® Juno® Bites and crumbled Feta cheese (tip: add Dried Oregano to season) for a tasty breakfast that will invigorate your whole family for the day ahead.

Veggie tray

#2. Planes, trains, and automobiles: travel light with even lighter & healthier snacks!

Tens of millions of people travel for the Thanksgiving holiday across America to see the ones they love. Whether you’re hopping in the car to visit family across town or taking a coast-to-coast flight to your hometown, traveling is always much more fun with snacks! As time is of the essence, reach for healthier snacks to keep your body moving: pack a Bento Box with Pure Flavor® Sangria® Tomato Medley, sliced Long English Cucumbers, and hummus (or your favorite dip).  

Pro tip: if you’re brave enough to hit the shopping mall on Black Friday, pack an extra Bento (or two)! Fresh veggies offer a welcome retreat during the big rush and will help you avoid food court lineups. (Cucumbers are made up of 95% water and are the perfect hydrating snack, regardless of the activity!)

#3. Turn your road trip into a fun family activity.

Mom/Dad – Are we there yet? What about now? I’m bored. Keeping your kids entertained while on the road will go a long way in making this Thanksgiving fun for everyone. Instead of the same old I-Spy games, see who can do the best turkey call (we wouldn’t recommend this one for a quiet plane ride!).

When your kids are bouncing with anticipation in their seats, stop the car for ten minutes to stretch and get some fresh air. Challenge your kids (and your spouse too) to fun athletic challenges that will get the blood pumping from head to toe. Who can do the most jumping jacks in one minute? Who can jump the highest? For longer trips, you can even bring along some jump ropes to incorporate or a football to pass back and forth. Active kids are happy kids!

Not traveling this year? Sign everyone up for a local Turkey Trot. Families that run together have fun together! Now is the perfect time to start a healthy new tradition. Everyone is invited to dress up as a turkey. The best part? Thanksgiving Day races usually benefit local charities which is a great way to make your community healthier & happier too.

Football and veggie tray together

4. Don’t just watch football, get outside and play!

Keep everyone moving by taking the party outside. It can be an extra special holiday when all family members are able to get together, so if the weather cooperates (or not), get everyone together for a game of tag football in the back yard. Bring along some Pure Flavor® Mini Munchies® Snack Packs to give everyone an extra boost at half-time!

For a real touchdown, prepare a platter filled with your favorite refreshing snacking veggies like bright and juicy Sangria® Medley Tomatoes and crunchy Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers. When everyone comes inside hungry after the game, they’ll be grabbing them by the handful.

Turkey platter shaped like a veggie tray

#5. Get creative with your party platter.

Before the Turkey comes out of the oven, gather the kids in the kitchen to design your very own Turkey Tray! Full of fresh veggies like Pure Flavor® Sweet Bell Peppers, Long English Cucumbers, and Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers, it’s sure to keep everyone gobbling away all day without being too stuffed to enjoy the main event (and keeping kids busy throughout the day!). The eye-popping design will wow family and friends, and your kids will be thrilled to be taking part in a new, healthy and creative tradition.

6. Ate too much? Walk it off.

If you’re a bit too stuffed after the big family dinner, you’re certainly not alone!  It won’t be long until everyone is napping away in all corners of the house; however, if you can muster the energy, a short, leisurely walk after a big meal can be even more refreshing than a cat nap.

Enjoy crisp, fall fresh air, take family photos, and have fun with your family outdoors.  After all, it’s been a long day and your kids will be grateful to get out of the house and jump around a bit more. With any luck, they might even get to bed earlier and sleep longer than normal!

Big sandwich

7. Don’t just reheat – refresh your leftover!

The day after Thanksgiving, families across the country reheat their leftovers the same way: potatoes, turkey and dressing are microwaved, and the result is a disappointing reminder of yesterday’s delicious feast, but it doesn’t have to be so boring!

To keep your leftovers interesting, slice up your turkey and create a sandwich (it looks like a FULL meal on its own) that will leave everyone in awe. Quick, simple, and takes care of long meal prep:

  1. Slice Turkey
  2. Toast your favorite bread
  3. Spread some guacamole on toast, layer up your turkey, and top with leaf lettuce and a slice of white cheddar cheese.
  4. Slice Pure Flavor® Tomatoes-on-the-Vine.
  5. Add layers as necessary!

When you are finished your Black Friday shopping marathon, you’ll be glad to have a simple, refreshing lunch that beats any leftovers you’ve ever had!

The big Holiday rush is around the corner, so why not make Thanksgiving a bit lighter, a little healthier, and a lot more fun! Happy Thanksgiving!