Hitting the road this summer? With so many hiccups and delays at airports, road trips may just be the main vacation choice for many families this year. They are a great option because you get the bonus of experiencing all of the sights along the way to your final destination. Whether you are heading out for a short, weekend getaway or a longer road trip, we are here to make sure you don’t forget a thing! Though packing the car for a vacation might seem daunting to some, as long as you are prepared, it can be so much fun. From important travel tips, to packing healthy snacks like greenhouse grown vegetables, we’ve put together a list of what’s essential, what you can leave at home, and most importantly, what to bring along to eat!

Who’s ready for an adventure? Summer is here and a road trip is a great vacation choice if you want to hit the road and experience new sights while travelling this year! There are a few simple things to consider when preparing for a road trip like in-car comfort, healthy snacks, a route map to your destination, and of course safety!  We’ve put together a list of tips that cover everything you need to know before you hit the road! 


Seasoned travellers may have packing for a road trip down to a science, but most of us need a bit more direction. It’s important to consider how much space you’ll have in the car while you’re travelling – you want to have what you need but also enough space to be comfortable! 

Pack smart.  Start by making a list of everything that you think you will along they way, as well as once you get to your destination.  Are you headed to a hotel? A campground? A cottage? All will have different amenities so you’ll want to consider what to pack accordingly. 

Here are some items to include on your packing list:

For The Car: 

  • Map app or paper map if you’re old school! 
  • Driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance
  • Spare tire 
  • Roadside emergency kit 
  • Entertainment for the passengers 
  • Your favorite playlist
  • Phone charger

For Food:

  • Fresh, greenhouse grown snacking veggies
  • Cooler
  • Icepacks 
  • Pre-made healthy meals
  • Reusable water bottles 
  • Small garbage bags 

For Comfort: 

  • Blankets 
  • Pillows
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses or baseball cap
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes 
  • Sunscreen & bug spray 


Bringing your own snacks is not only a healthy option for a road trip, but it will also help you save both time and money while travelling! Grabbing food at a gas station or drive-thru may seem convenient but it won’t leave you feeling your best. We recommend putting a cooler somewhere accessible in your car to keep all of your healthy snacks and drinks handy. Store it somewhere that you or your travel mates can grab from without having to pull over to find snacks. It’s important to stay on track while on the road and the best way to do that is to bring fresh greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables as snack options! 

While you’re in the car you want to keep it easy, so pack one, or all of these options, below!

Chances are you or the kids will be craving something sweet on your journey but foods with added sugars and long car rides are never a good combination. If you want to satisfy sugar cravings naturally, have the extra sweet and juicy Solara™ Mini Melon on hand for road trips. It’s personal-sized which is perfect for long trips because anyone can just slice it, grab a spoon and devour the melon on the road, without the mess. It’s one serving size also helps to avoid overindulging, which can prevent car sickness! 

Long periods of time in the car can have you feeling worn out but that’s likely because you’re dehydrated! Some people avoid liquids to avoid multiple stops when on the road but it’s important to your body not to let your water intake go by the wayside.  Having some hydrating snacks for your trip like cucumbers that are made of 95% water, can prevent this for the driver and kids! Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers are cocktail sized cucumbers that are perfect for snacking and keep you hydrated on long trips! 

Looking for an energy boost on the road? Snacking tomatoes are perfect for road trips because they are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to naturally reduce fatigue on the road. They are also conveniently packed so you can just put them in the cooler before a long trip and have them handy to grab.


Full days on the road to your destination call for full meals! It’s easy to snack all day while travelling, but it’s important to still make sure you and your family get all of your meals in. If you’re on the road for a while, you’re going to want to make sure you’re fueling your bodies with good choices that leave you feeling great.

There are some simple, healthy recipes that are easy to transport and eat while on the road. These easy to prepare meals will keep you full & fueled for the duration of your adventure! Eating while traveling might prove to be challenging for some however creating on-the-go salads can be easy to prepare and be layered in a mason jar to maintain freshness (no one wants a soggy salad) in a simple resealable container. Try this Grilled Southwest Chicken Salad, it’s a full meal loaded with veggies & protein that you can prepare ahead of time for your trip. Sandwiches & pasta salads can also be packed with fresh vegetables, are super nutritious, and prepared ahead of time for your travels!


We want to make sure you’re fully prepared for your getaway so here are a few more key things to consider to help make your next road trip a success!

  1. Make sure to plan in advance: outline meals, snacks, accommodations, and directions to where you are going
  2. Be road ready: make sure your car is ready for the road by getting a tune-up and ensure that your gas tank and washer fluids are full. It’s so important to stay safe when travelling by car and the last thing you want is to experience car troubles on vacation or in a place you are not familiar with.
  3. Spare keys! Make sure to bring a spare key to the vehicle you are driving and have someone else you are travelling with carry it! We’ve all locked ourselves out of our cars a time or two and you won’t be able to just grab a spare from home, which could be costly!
  4. It’s an adventure – be flexible! have a plan but be open to change! One of the best things about travelling by car is being able to stop whenever you feel like it! That could be pulling over to sightsee or taking a detour to a place you’ve never been.

Finally, for your own sanity, make sure you bring plenty of road trip activities for the kids to keep them entertained during your time on the road.


Road trips are a great way to see new places and spend quality time with loved ones! Whether you’re taking a day trip or a longer excursion, if you’re hitting the road this summer, make sure to prepare ahead of time. Remember the important travel tips, pack the essentials – leaving what you don’t really need at home, and most importantly, put strong consideration into what you’re going to eat! You may be away from home but you don’t have to put your healthy habits aside to have a fun vacation. Staying on track with your health goals will ensure that you are feeling your best and make your next road trip a success! Just remember, sometimes the best experiences on road trips come from the sights you saw and the experiences you didn’t plan out so make sure to enjoy the adventure along the way. 

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