1. Make this crazy season easier for you and your children with these 10 back to school tips!

2. Pack all of your extra curricular supplies in an organized container to be kept in the trunk of the car. Grab all uniforms, supplies and gear at the beginning of each week to save yourself from running around amidst an already crazy week.

3. Post a weekly dinner menu so you can plan ahead of time. Try using the weekly menu planner in our “Back to School” organization kit in a plastic sheet protector and reuse it again and again with a dry erase marker.

4. Give yourself and other family members a weekly to do list to fill out and check things off as the week progresses. Try re-using this sheet with a sheet protector and dry erase marker too!

5. Set up a distraction free homework station. Steer clear of areas with TVs and other electronics. If this isn’t possible, use a tri-fold cardboard display board to narrow your child’s focus to that area only.

Equip your homework station with a handy homework kit. Stock the kit with:

  • Extra paper
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Coloured Pencils/Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Paper Clips or a Stapler

6. Invest in a hanging closet organizer and label each cubby with each day of the school week. Plan your child’s outfits in advance to make getting ready in the morning as easy as possible.

7. Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks so your child can help plan and pack their own lunch.

8. Buy healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits in bulk to create your own trailmix and other energy boosting snacks at home.

9. Set up a drop box for the kids to drop in papers or forms that need to be signed and returned to school or extra-curricular activities. Set up two boxes that are clearly labelled “To Be Signed” and “Signed” to make sure the kids know when they can pick them up and hand them in.

10. Establish a strong morning routine that will stay the same day to day. Tip: Print out and customize the Morning Checklist included in the “Back to School” organization kit.

In case you missed it: Download the “Back to School” Organization Kit here.