Some days lunch can feel like a lifetime from breakfast. Often you are starving and ready to grab whatever is fast and accessible, but you don’t want to start falling asleep mid-afternoon with a dreaded food coma from heavy food. A healthy, balanced meal mid-day can raise your blood sugar levels just enough, which will help you focus and concentrate all afternoon.

Salad options are endless and can easily be packed in a container or Mason Jar for easy transport to work. The great thing about a Mason jar is you can either mix and eat in the jar, or dump it into a bowl, toss, and enjoy! If you are organized and plan ahead, layer up the salad contents in a Mason jar and they can last up to 5 days in the fridge.

Brain Fuel at Work Recipes

Tips for Packing a Great Lunch

Packing a salad with nutritious greenhouse vegetables and a balance of protein and/or carbohydrates will ensure your body and mind are fueled for the afternoon. Here are some tricks to having a healthy lunch salad ready for your busiest days:

  • Cook extra protein at dinner that can be added to your salad
  • Sprinkle on nuts for added protein and extra crunch
  • Dried fruit satisfies a sweetness craving and provides added nutrients
  • Enhance flavors with fresh herbs
  • While prepping dinner the night before, cut up or roast extra vegetables to toss in your salad
  • Seeds are packed with nutrients and add flavor – chia, flax, hemp, and pumpkin are great additions
  • For savory additions add sliced olives
  • Power up with beans and legumes, an excellent source of plant protein
  • If you are a cheese lover, any cheese is a great addition!
  • Hold the dressing – put it in a separate container to avoid soggy salad

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