Everyone has that one go-to, feel-good recipe. After a long day or before starting the workweek, you know that meal will always refresh you. For us, a fresh roast shared with family on Sundays always seems to hit the spot. And there is one recipe we always come back to: Pork Tenderloin with RedRoyals™. Ashley, a connoisseur of comfort food at Plate and Pen, shared this recipe with us and we fell in love, so now we’re sharing it with you.

There’s nothing quite like fresh comfort food to make you feel all warm and fuzzy – especially when it’s homemade. There’s just something special about that feeling you get when even the slightest aroma of a homemade meal sends you back to your childhood, or the pride you feel when your whole family loves a new recipe you’ve made.

Somehow these meals just taste better than any other. Sitting down together as a family on Sundays to enjoy a savory roast, for example, can sometimes be the best feeling in the world.

Little girl eating family meal at dinner table

Everyone’s favorite comfort food is different, but they tend to share certain similarities. These meals are often very filling, have a mouthwatering fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma, and are made with simple, savory ingredients.

Every culture has developed its own “cuisine of comfort” that hits all these notes, and in all these cuisines you might notice that certain fresh ingredients are always a staple.

From India, to North Africa, to Spain and to the United-States, you’ll find all sorts of flavorful variations of stuffed Bell Peppers, each with their unique combination of herbs, spices and other ingredients.

Likewise, tomatoes and tomato sauce are found everywhere across the comfort food world menu. It’s no wonder that favorites likes pasta and pizza became so popular beyond Italy!

There are nearly endless varieties of tomatoes that can be substituted to make each of these comforting recipes unique and memorable. For a fresh pizza sauce with an authentic Italian flavor, you might opt to sautée Craft House® Mini San Marzano Tomatoes, while fire roasted cherry tomatoes like RedRoyals™ Cherry Tomatoes on-the-Vine would lend your dish an unmistakeably sweet and smoky flavor.

RedRoyals in a bowl on a table

We’ve been thinking a lot about these kinds of dishes lately, now that we’re spending more time indoors. There’s nothing better than a relaxing Sunday afternoon, filled with family, food and football – especially when the night is topped off with a warm, savory roast!

Our friend Ashley at Plate & Pen is a connoisseur of comfort and she recently shared with us a recipe that will bowl you over with its savory aroma and flavors. Her Pork Tenderloin with RedRoyals™ recipe is a slight twist on a regular roast, adding a Mediterranean-inspired stuffing to her wine marinated pork tenderloin.

Start by making the marinade the night before. You combine Petite Sirah, olives, fresh thyme, Za’atar seasoning, minced garlic and olive oil in a bag or plastic container. Butterfly your tenderloin and tenderize it so you can roll it up easily tomorrow. Then, soak your tenderloin in the marinade overnight in the fridge for maximum deliciousness.

About an hour before dinner time, you can take the meat out of the fridge and preheat your oven to 350°F. Now it’s time to mix that delicious Mediterranean stuffing. Take chopped artichokes, mixed kalamata and green olives, and red pepper flakes; combine them all together well.

Sliced Pork Tenderloin on a plate

This is where the really fresh flavor comes in: chop up your favorite RedRoyals™ Cherry Tomatoes on-the-Vine and add them to the stuffing. Make sure to keep another pack of these super sweet cherry tomatoes for later – you’ll see why soon!

Roll up your roast and tie tightly with butcher’s twine. You should be able to find it at your local grocery store or butcher.

Before roasting the tenderloin in the oven, sear it on each side using a stove top grill or frying pan. This helps to hold all those delicious juices inside.

Now you’re ready to put it in the oven. When you do, make sure to place one row of RedRoyals™ on the baking sheet next to the roast. These can be seasoned with olive oil, Za’atar seasoning, black pepper and salt for added flavor.

After 35 minutes, remove your roast and set aside for two minutes or so. Gather everyone around the table and dig into the deliciousness!

To view, download or print the full recipe, click here.

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