Meet Faith: As a trainer, Faith knows that committing to a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. Staying motivated towards your health goal can be challenging to maintain consistently, but the reward of a healthy active lifestyle is always worth the journey to personal growth. Group fitness classes have been a positive outlet that continue to have a lasting impact on her clients and their fitness results. Faith’s classes have formed a welcoming and supportive health community with people who share a passion for becoming better every day. We sat down with Faith to get her fresh take on the 3 ways fitness together is having a positive impact with her clients.

Changing Your Approach

Even Faith struggles to get to the gym some days, but mixing up her approach is the strategy she uses to stay on track. On that same note, this is why her health community uses group workouts outdoors to bring a unique element to their fitness routine.

Faith believes that it’s healthy to take a break away from the standard everyday dumbbells routine to reconnect and motivate each other outside gym walls. After all, breaking out of the same patterns in the gym by finding other fitness activities has been shown to boost mental and physical well-being. We all, at times, get stuck in the same patterns of our busy lives. We forget that our fitness routine is not a chore and is something that is meant to be fun and rewarding! Mixing up your approach to working out in a group fitness class brings back the fun in why we chose to do this in the first place. The struggle week after week seems hard at first but knowing you’re not the only one reminds you you’re not alone in achieving your goals. As time passes, your fitness class becomes something you look forward to, and a habit that makes you proud of you.

Community and Accountability 

There is nothing like building a connection with people who are trying to achieve a common goal. Being accountable to others is the best way to make sure you get the job done. When people know your goals, it is much easier for you to stick with it, you can’t help but feel the welcoming support around you.

The best part is, once you start building a strong support system, results begin to come naturally in the process of showing up consistently. Simply, just showing up week after week is a commitment to not only yourself, but to everyone else in your health community striving to be better.

Recharging and Recovering Together Post-Workout With Healthy Snacking Options

Faith believes rewarding each other’s effort is the foundation of a thriving health community. She also knows that one healthy decision is momentum for the next. That’s why after every group fitness class she leaves Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, and Mini Cucumbers snacking packs out for her fitness group. This is a simple way for her to show that she wants everyone to succeed in their individual health journeys.

Juno Bites are a crowd-pleaser at Faith’s fitness classes, to say the least. Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes are a lifesaver for her late-night snacking clients. They help them make smarter snacking choices when it’s the hardest to eat healthy. They also love the Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, AKA “workout candy,” the code for Aurora Bites in Faith’s health community. Faith’s client’s workout motivation often thrives on knowing their “workout candy” is waiting for them after all the hard work. The Mini Cucumbers are also a fan favorite with the group, and clients will often choose them as a convenient water source snack to stay hydrated post-workout.

It’s rare you find healthy low-calorie options for post-workout recovery that people love. Faith still can’t believe that Aurora Bites have more vitamin C than a citrus fruit! It’s always been her passion for taking a keen interest in the food her community consumes. She was thrilled that Juno Bites contain adequate amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, both having positive effects on the post-workout recovery process. Likewise, Mini Cucumbers are 96% water, meaning a more nourished and energized recovery. To this day, Faith still uses snacking packs at every workout to instill healthy workout recovery habits for herself and her health community. 

Final thoughts from Faith

More knowledge and opportunities are available than ever before to make our health a priority and reach our full potential. Group fitness is just another outlet for you to reach your goals but do what works best for your individual situation. Faith thinks it’s worth a try, and a great option helping her clients succeed

She believes in doing the little things that make the biggest impact on your health long-term. Start by slowly making fitness a priority every week, and try one new healthy decision each day, it all starts with a “can do” mindset. Faith promises that as time goes on, one day at a time, you can start the process of creating the best version of yourself every day.