Balancing a busy schedule and time with those most important to you isn’t easy. That’s why we did all the planning for you! Here are our top 3 ideas to bring your family and friends together this summer.

Family Nature Walk

Unwind and connect with your loved ones, surrounded by natures beauty. Whether you are exploring new trails, walking by the water, or hiking to a beautiful view, a walk is a simple way to chat, catch up, and have fun.

Father and toddler daughter enjoying a walk on some trails while snacking on mini sweet peppers.

Find a scenic place to visit nearby: a national park, cottage area, or a beautiful landscape are great options. Try to name as many flowers or birds as you can, or play I Spy for some on-trail entertainment. Laugh, share memories, and allow the day to unfold moment by moment. That’s #PureLiving.

Pack some water and healthy snacks to keep everyone hydrated and energized for the journey. Our Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are a perfect on-the-go treat, loaded with flavor and nutrients to keep you going. Take a snackbreak on your nature tour and share some! Your kids will love them.

The Great Outdoors are waiting – stroll your way through some delicious memories this season!

Paddle Boarding with Friends

When it’s hot, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a cool summer breeze right on the water. Grab your friends, some paddle boards, and sail into the distance – if you can keep your balance!

Two girls sitting side by side on paddle boards in the open water sharing a package of red grape tomatoes as a snack.

Typically, renting a paddleboard is $20 per hour, $40 for a half-day, and $60 for a full day. If you want to take it to the next level, you can buy your own paddleboard online for a relatively low cost, between $200 – $400 a board. For more advanced boarders, look into sports and performance boards that suit your preference. If you’re still getting your sea legs, pick a standard board, and start out in a kneeling position on the water for more balance. Picking the right board for your skill level is key to getting the most out of the day.

After a long day on the water, you and your fellow paddleboarders have earned a #snackbreak to recharge. Our Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes are a perfect way to refresh out on the water – kickback, relax, and enjoy a nice energizing snack together.

Remember, not everyone who “wanders” when paddling is always lost, so paddle away together and go wherever the current takes you!

Beach Picnic

Give your family a much-needed dose of vitamin sea with a picnic by the shore. Create a relaxing space with a blanket, snacks and drinks, and make lasting memories with loved ones.

Family beach picnic. A blanket on the sand with a sun hat, cucumber water with paper straws in mason jars, and a range of fruits and vegetables for snacking including grape tomatoes, mini cucumbers, and mini sweet peppers.

A beach picnic keeps people close and encourages candid conversation. Use this time to open up, share genuine sentiments, and reconnect with your family in front of the beautiful water front.  

Sharing something delicious helps to keep the conversation going.  Pack lots of delicious and healthy #snackbreak options to keep everyone feeling fresh by the shore. Whether you’re munching on Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, or sharing Sangria Medley Tomatoes and Mini Cucumbers, fresh vegetables can be the perfect add to your beach menu. Cucumber slices are also an easy way to add something special to your water to hydrate in style. Bring everything together on a nice charcuterie board for easy sharing and dig in!

We want you to make the most out of the season, so get out in the sun and soak in the memories with friends and family. Enjoy!