Teach your kids to “eat the rainbow” by providing a colorful variety of fresh veggies in this Rainbow Flatbread recipe from Megan Hutson, a mom of three with a passion for healthy family meals.

With my oldest daughter starting kindergarten this year, my mind is full of school lunch ideas. You may relate to this, but veggies are not always the easiest things to feed my toddlers. I used to let this really stress me out, but I have learned from many experts that even getting toddlers to touch and interact with any foods they don’t enjoy is half the battle and a great step in the right direction!

My daughters love everything in the world that has to do with unicorns or rainbows. I’ve learned that making healthy recipes that incorporate their passions helps them try new, healthier foods. My daughter already calls Pure Flavor’s® vibrant Sangria® Medley Tomatoes “rainbow tomatoes,” so I decided to create a fresh rainbow recipe kids love.

Whether I am packing a lunch, or preparing a meal at home for my kids, I always aim to serve at least two different macronutrients, but, ideally, I like to serve a protein, healthy fat, a fruit and/or veggie for fiber, and a crunchy food containing carbohydrates.

Each of my three kids has quite different food preferences, so this way I ensure that everyone gets a taste of something like love, plus the option to try new foods! I have one kid who loves tomatoes and tomato sauce, one who likes broccoli and hummus, and one who likes bread and cream cheese!

How to Make This Rainbow Flatbreads Recipe

Ever since I first made these Rainbow Flatbreads for my family, we can’t stop eating them.

This recipe starts with a wonderfully soft and fluffy flatbread that is completely dairy free and grain free, made with cassava flour and just a few other simple ingredients. It makes 12 individual flatbreads that are about 6 inches wide, so everyone in your family can customize a couple different flatbreads to enjoy!

When you are making a flatbread and the whole family is involved, there are sure to be different opinions on what flavor combinations are the best, so I wanted to offer a variety for this recipe. Feel free to experiment with your own favorite ingredients!

kid adding tomatoes to flatbread

To start, I offer three different spreads: pizza sauce, almond milk cream cheese, and a classic hummus! When I’m looking for a healthy pizza sauce, I search for one that has as many added veggies as I can find, but no added sugar. You could use regular cream cheese if you’re not following a dairy-free diet. For hummus, there are tons of options out there, but my personal favorite is roasted red pepper hummus. For this recipe, I kept it plain because that’s what my kids prefer.

Once they had picked out their favorite spread and added it to their personal flatbreads, I set out a platter full of a gorgeous rainbow of vegetables: Pure Flavor® Sangria® Tomato Medley and Sweet Bell Peppers, finely chopped broccoli, and finely chopped red onion. Isn’t your mouth watering over this combo already?! My girls especially were just loving the colors of the platter that I put out for lunch and they were excited to dig in!

I encouraged each of my kids to put at least one piece of every color of the rainbow on their flatbread. Some of them chose to remove the pieces that they did not care for before they ate it, but at least they interacted with these foods in a positive way! We had lots of laughs and fun making these, and I hope that you’ll try it so that you can have this positive experience with veggies too!

For Megan’s full Rainbow Flatbread recipe, click here.

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