Are you looking for new recipes so you can send your kids back to school with nutritious plant-based school lunches? This Top Ten list is for you!

If your kids are back at school, you know how hard it can be to find tasty plant-based school lunches your kids love to eat every day. No fear – Pure Flavor® is here!

It shouldn’t be a challenge for mom and dad to prepare a nutritious lunch for their kids to enjoy at school. That’s why Pure Flavor® offers so many easy ways to enjoy fresh vegetables on-the-go. Mini Munchies Breakaway Snack Packs are a perfect example of healthy veggies that you can add to your kids’ backpacks as they’re running out the door. When it comes to providing a lunch box full of nutritious veggies, plant-based school lunches are the way to go. Plant-based school lunches can be healthy, delicious and easy to make in a pinch!

We’ve collected our Top Ten Plant-Based School Lunches to help you out. With a little inspiration from these recipes, you’ll be prepared to give your kids the nutrition they need every day thanks to delicious greenhouse grown tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

1. Creamy Cucumber Wrap & Veggies

This recipe is a perfect all-in-one lunch you can pack for each of your kids in the morning before they head out to school. As a busy parent, you probably value simplicity when it comes to your kids’ school lunches, and it doesn’t get any simpler than this five-minute recipe for Creamy Cucumber Wraps with Veggies.

 Each wrap contains fresh Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumber slices with lettuce and cream cheese (or hummus if you prefer to make this a totally vegan recipe). For a great school snack your kids can dip in hummus, include some baby carrots and healthy veggie snacks. Ta-da!

2. Mini Pepper Sailboats

Another five-minute recipe that kids love is Mini Pepper Sailboats made with Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers and sliced Long English Cucumbers. Make sure to wrap them in a bright blue napkin to surprise your kids and give them a fun way to play with their food at lunchtime.

3. Fun Bug Snacks

Speaking of playing with your food, how much fun are these Fun Bug Snacks? It’s right in the name, after all!

Simply slice some Sangria® Medley Tomatoes and Mini Cucumbers to begin creating these tasty creepy crawlies. You can even get your kids to help make tomorrow’s lunch.

4. Vegetarian Stuffed Mini Peppers

A perfect mix of sweet and savory, these Vegetarian Stuffed Mini Peppers will keep your kids’ bellies full all afternoon. Each Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Pepper is stuffed with sweet potato, chickpeas, and kale for a nutritious lunch that’s great cold or warmed up in the microwave.

Bell pepper sandwiches

5. Bell Pepper Sandwiches

If you’re trying to increase the amount of veggies your kids eat, these Bell Pepper Sandwiches are just what you’re looking for. Instead of buns or bread, this sandwich holds all that deliciousness together between two bell pepper slices! While this recipe does include a slice of lunch meat per sandwich, it’s easy to make this a 100% plant-based school snack by substituting with tofu or tempeh.

6. Cucumber Mango Skewers

Kids love these Cucumber Mango Skewers in their school lunches – almost as much as parents love them as refreshing dinner party treats! There are only two steps. First, coat cucumber and mango slices in a mix of lime juice, oil and mint overnight. Then, in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast, slide them onto small skewers and sprinkle with lime zest, fresh mint and sea salt.

7. Cucumber Melon Slushy

Send your kids out ready for a fun day of learning with a fresh boost of hydration. This recipe for Cucumber Melon Slushy is another kid favorite plant-based school snack you can prepare in the morning. Remember to use fresh ingredients – not frozen – for the best flavor and nutrition.

Mini Cucumber Creamsicles

8. Bento Box Lunch

Here’s another “all-in-one” time-saving solution for busy parents. Get your favorite snacking veggies and pair them with delicious tea sandwiches for a filling plant-based school lunch that your kids will ask for time and time again.

9. Cucumber Avocado Salsa

Including fresh salsa in your child’s lunch bag is an easy way to turn class into a fun fiesta full of color and flavor. This Cucumber Avocado Salsa is mild, but full of sweetness that kids will eat up right away.

10. Mini Cucumber Creamsicles

When everyone gets home from school, it’s always good to have a fresh plant-based snack ready for the whole family to enjoy together. These Mini Cucumber Creamsicles are healthy, delicious, and not so sweet that they’ll spoil dinner! After a long day at class, the hydration cucumber and coconut milk will replenish everyone with much needed hydration.

With these ten recipes for plant-based school lunches, you’ll be ready to tackle that hectic schedule while ensuring your kids get all the nutritious food they need to learn and Live Deliciously®!

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