Halloween is quite possibly every child’s favorite night of the year. Dressing up, staying up late and candy – what’s not to love? In all their excitement, they just want to go, go, go! It’s up to the parents to make sure they stay safe so they can enjoy their night to the fullest. Here are a few quick tips to your Halloween healthy, safe and happy.

 1. Buy something that fits. Make sure the costumes fit properly and avoid any garments that are too long or too baggy.


2. Use the buddy system. If you have kids that are getting a little older and maybe don’t want their parent tagging along with them, make sure they go out with their friends as a group and don’t leave anyone alone. Generally speaking, a parent should accompany the children if they are under the age of 12.


3. Avoid dark colors. Opt for brighter costumes to make it easier to see your children at night. If the costume your child wants to wear is too dark, consider adding reflective accessories to avoid any issues on their big night.


4. Keep safety in mind when choosing what candy to hand out this year. Steer clear of handing out items that can be considered a choking hazard, or trigger a common allergy. If there is a product you don’t recognize, check out the ingredients so you don’t risk an allergic reaction with your own children as well!


5. Avoid face masks! Masks can make it very hard for your child to see they’re walking. Try using makeup to achieve the same effect, costume or special effects make up is becoming more and more popular – and cheaper. If you choose to go this route, make sure to do test runs before Halloween night to double check that the makeup doesn’t make their skin break out.


6. Sort through the candy at the end of the night. Keep an eye out for any pieces that look like they may have already been opened or is not in its original wrapper.


7. Stay on the sidewalk! You and your kids both know not to stray into the road on a regular day so don’t make Halloween an exception. Use common sense – on busier streets, use crosswalks to get across. Consider bringing a flashlight or using your cellphone to light the path you’re walking.


8. Stay on the step. This may seem like a no-brainer but, don’t ever allow your children to enter a stranger’s house. Travel together in your group.


9. Stay visible. Carry a large white bag or pillowcase for the candy you’re collecting and add some reflective tape. Adding glow sticks to costume can help make you easier to see at night.


10. Treats don’t always have to be food related. Since some children have severe allergies, consider handing out small toys like fidget spinners or Play-Doh.


11. Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure everyone in your group is wearing comfy shoes – you’ll be very active tonight!


Have a healthy, safe and happy Halloween!