As the school season takes off, and the pace of life speeds up, our friend Megan from @mamaofwholelittles shares with us the perfect Sweet and Savory Tuna Salad recipe that is the ideal prep ahead dish! Bursting with flavor, this recipe can be enjoyed in many different ways & conveniently enjoyed on the run! The best thing about it, is the whole family will love it!


As a busy mama of 4, I just do not have the time to put together elaborate meals like I used to, so I am always looking for something quick, yet balanced, to make for my family. This is why I am passionate about creating new recipes that include a carb source, protein source, and healthy fat – making the dish balanced all on its own! This kind of dish is what I used to search for all the time online until I started creating it myself, I call it Sweet and Savory Tuna Salad. I need to have quick and easy grab-and-go meals that will also satisfy my cravings and fill me up. After all, I usually eat with one hand while multi-tasking and taking care of my young toddlers with the other.

As I mentioned, I always pack my meals with all the good stuff. The protein source here is the tuna, while the carb source is the apple, and the healthy fat is the avocado oil mayo, which I recommend as an anti-inflammatory alternative to traditional mayo! Now, of course, I mentioned that I made this recipe for myself, but the real magic here is that it’s nutritious for my kids to eat & they gobble it down. Since I am already on the floor playing with them, I can snag a bite here and there too, which is perfect because they don’t stay entertained doing the same thing for long.

This kind of scenario is a double win for me because I can offer the kids healthy foods & by sharing them with their mama, they have a positive exposure to unique flavors. Even if this is not the idea you had in mind for an experience with tuna salad, that’s okay- it’s perfect for just about any grab-and-go scenario you can think of. Pack it for a quick picnic in the yard or take it to the park for a satisfying snack. So, if you’re ready to make this tuna salad, let me take a moment & show you how easy it is!


I know this may sound scary, but you will start by making your own homemade oven-dried tomatoes. I promise once you have made these babies at home, you are going to second guess ever buying them at the store again! I have loved sun-dried tomatoes ever since I can remember but when I switched to a healthier eating lifestyle, these homemade ones have a much bolder flavor & a way better texture in my opinion.

First off, you will slice your  Pure Flavor® Organic Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes in half lengthwise. Sometimes these tomatoes vary in size, but for the most part, you should be able to slice each tomato into quarters. You do not want too thick of a slice, or the tomato won’t dehydrate all the way. Place the tomatoes on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, and let the oven do the work! I am telling you these are the most delicious tomatoes you’ve ever had the pleasure to experience!

After 3 hours, you will turn your oven off, and leave the tomatoes in the oven to continue dehydrating. This will give you the best taste and texture. I typically like to do this part of the recipe before I go to bed so that they are ready the next day. Don’t worry; they’ll be fine if you forget about them or leave them overnight. I have accidentally left them in the oven before, and the extra time didn’t bother them… until I forgot again and turned the oven on for something else first, ha oops!


Once the tomatoes are perfectly dehydrated & cool, you will toss them with the remaining ingredients to create a very simple, perfectly flavorful tuna Sweet & Savory Tuna Salad. I will be honest, I can tolerate a plain tuna salad, but this tuna salad….whew, it is just next-level good with all the different flavors it pulls in!

With my kids, and my busy lifestyle, I have been prepping & eating this tuna salad in my lunches for the last couple of weeks. The best part is there is more than just one way to enjoy it. My absolute favorite way has been in a sandwich, with more fresh fruit and veggies on the side for a good lunch. But we have also enjoyed it with almond flour crackers, stuffed into bell pepper halves, or just right out of the bowl with a fork! Save yourself lots of time and effort – this one is for the books!

~ Megan